Do Montgomery S Tubercles Look Like Goose Bumps

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tania - February 16

i have lots of little goose pimples scattered all around the edge of my areola, a few are actually on there and there are some white dots on my nipples. are these montgomerys tubercles or do they look different to goose bumps?


Meg - February 17

I have exactly the same situation. I read a lot on the net about M/T as they refer to them as the very first sign of pregnancy. I hope they are correct. Should you hear something else please keep me posted. One question: do you feel soreness on them and kind of burning/tingling feelings on your b___sts and sometimes they become very warm. *** Good Luck ***


saralee - February 17

i have montgomerys tubercles, they appeared during my last pregnancy and have been been there since !


Meg - February 17

Are these montg. tubercles "THE SIGN" of pregnancy, or can be something else. I'm on TTC for 4 years and for the first time in my life I have these montgomery tubercles and b___sts soreness, itchiness and blue veins especially around aureolas. What do you think Saralee???


saralee - February 17

i think that if you never had them before it must be a sign, along with the tender b___sts the soreness. for me the blue veins were a definite sign in both my pregnancies. fingers crossed for you


bump - April 25



~bump - April 26



I think,, - April 26

did you ever touch those white bumps.. i touched them and poked them and liquid come out and like the qwhite part came out like pimples... are they suppose to be this way or what?? or am i having pimples on my b___bs (aerola)


LL - April 26

Yes I touched mines too and the white part comes out like a pimple. Can you get these bumps if you are not pregnant?


bump - April 26

bumpie bump bump


read this.. - April 26's%2Btubercles%2Bpop%2Blike%2Bpimples%2Bif%2Byou%2Bsqueeze%2Bthem%26's%2Btubercles%2Bpop%2Blike%2Bpimples%2Bif%2Byou%2Bsqueeze%2Bthem%26o%3D0%26page%3D1&q=do%20montgomery's%20tubercles%20pop%20like%20pimples%20if%20you%20squeeze%20them&s=a2&!%20While%20exploring%20what%20your%20b___sts%20look%20like%2C%20you%20have%20discovered%20the%20Tubercles%20of%20Montgomery.&t_t=Teen%20Growth%2C%20the%20teen%20resource%20for%20advice%2C%20health%20information%2C...&bin=&cat=wb&


Kathy K. - April 26

I also have the bumps on my areaola but I also had a m/c in march, so I cannot recall if they disappeared after my m/c or are new bumps for a new pregnancy.


read this,.. - April 26

basically i did a search and a few sites said when you started puberty or pregnant u can have white bumps on ur aerola... and don't pinch them or pop them cuz they are sensitive and u can have an infection.. however.. i also want to say that if u had to search hard and pinch hard to 'pop' and to see those white bumps then maybe they're not montgomery's tubercles and therefore that may not be a sign of pregnancy (some of ya wanna be preggo so bad) not to offend anyone.. jsut don't want yall girls to get too worried and all that.. outez


Meghan - April 27

I had them starting last month when the dr put me on progesterone, and I was convicend I was PG, but I wasn't. The #1 cause of it is pregnancy, but it also can be a hormonal imbalance, which is what i htink I had last month. Good luck!


lizzi - May 17

I have them because of high doses of birth control. Check your BC because this too can cause these bumps!!!


stephy - May 17

i have them the second month i was on bc.. estrostep fe.. so don't worry .. u might wanan read the package or talk to your doctor


Lou - August 10

I also have these little goose like bumps and white bits on the end of my nipples..... really hope they are a sign of pregnancy.... only 4 more days til my period SHOULD be due... heres hoping it never comes....... BRING ON THE BABY!!!!! Good luck to all you x



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