Do No Symptoms Before BFP Mean Not Pregnant

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Praying4aLittleOne - September 24

Hi everyone! I am ttc. My period should be coming tomorrow. If not, I am going to buy a HPT. I am a little worried I did not get pregnant this month because I have not been feeling any symptoms. The only symptoms I have is my usual cramping a week before my period. Is this a bad sign that I am not pregnant? Do some women feel like their period is coming before they get their BFP?


kay101 - September 24

i didnt feel pregnant either but im 4 weeks


Chris1975 - September 24

I never got symptoms before a period so i didnt know one way or other if it would come or not each mth i was ttc I didnt start to feel pregnant until about 2 weeks after my period was due...i started feeling strange tweaks and twinges down in my abdomen and i had to keep running to bathroom too!. I took a test and found i was 6wks. I didnt feel anything at 4 wks tho so dont get down and out yet!! Good luck to you and hope you get some good news soon!!!!


Whisper - September 24

Symptoms can vary from woman to woman, and even pregnancy to pregnancy. Don't count yourself out just for not having symptoms. Many women will say that the month they got pregnant was the only month they *didn't* feel anything. As for me, my first pregnancy (m/c'd) I had a bunch of early symptoms. This pregnancy though, I didn't hardly have symptoms until AFTER I already got my BFP. The only thing I recall is that my nipples were sore, just like they get at ovulation, and just before AF.. but the soreness stayed for the whole "2ww" timespan. I just figured I had extra progesterone or estrogen or just a wacky cycle, and attributed the soreness to extended PMS and nothing else. I tested just cause I had a test and fully expected it to be a BFN... but guess what, it wasn't. LOL. Totally took my by surprise, but yeah, I'm pregnant. I'm sure many women will have similar stories for you. =) And for the first week after bfp and even now to some degree, it still feels like my AF is coming any day now. PMS and early pregnancy are VERY much alike. THere are subtle differences, but in my experience, you don't notice them so much except in hindsight. GL & KUP



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