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very angry - April 25

I just wanted all of you ladies to be warned not to use these two tests. They have both been giving false positives to many women. I recently recieved them from both of them also. And I don't mean a very very faint line was there, it was clearly visible, and very much within the time limit. I did not have to search for it at all. After this happened to me I did some searching on these two tests and there are so many complaints like mine that's it's ridiculous. Yes, every brand has some reports of false positives but these have way way way to many. The manufactures are even aware of the problem. They need to be made to fix this. It is not fair to falsely get the hopes up of a woman who desparely wants a baby. When we take a test we need to be able to believe that they are going to give us the correct results. TTC is enough of an emotional rollercoaster itself to have to worry about rather or not your results are correct. So if you have recently tested with one of these tests and it was positive, please retest with another test like First Response or Answer Early Result(these two have great reviews) to verify. And please pass this info. on to other women you know ttc until these manufactures fix this problem. I hope this helps someone else from going through the same heartache I went through. Good luck ttc and lots and lots of baby dust!!!!!!!!!!


Hopeful Gal - April 25

Thank you for pa__sing that info on! I read that too on the pee on a stick website.


Amber - April 25

Thx Ma I needed to know that


Melissa - April 25

Yes, this happened to me with with First Response. My husband and I were not ready to have another baby yet and I was late so I took two of these. They both came back positive. I told my husband and at first he was upset and then he came to terms with it.I went and had a blood test done it and was negative.When I told him that it was negative, he was upset because by this time he was ok with anothere baby and was sad that it was not going to happen. Three weeks late, I finally got my a/f. I have done so much research on this and everywhere it says that I must have miscarried. I guess that is possilbe because I did have many signs that I was pregant when I looked back after I missed my period. My dr said that he just thinks they are false positives, but two I said. Well, I looked up infromation on the fist response and it had great reviews so now I really do not know what to think. If you get a postive, please confirm it as soon as possible with a dr. Dont get your hopes up.


Just wondering - April 25

Sometimes women test too early.


Grandpa Viv - April 25

I researched this too and found "One in six Confirm home pregnancy tests, and three in six Clear Choice home pregnancy tests gave a false-positive result" but Clear Blue and e.p.t. were rated well. Some manufacturers web sites warn about getting positive before a period and a negative after, saying this is simply a failed implantation. Other sources say 1 in 4 fertilizations do not result in a clinical pregnancy. Doctors would just as soon home testing had not been invented. As women demand earlier and earlier results, sensitivity and accuracy come into conflict. Do you want a false positive today with a 25 mIU test or the right answer a week from now with a 100 mIU test? Your mother waited until she had missed a second period before calling the doctor, and another month before announcing she was pregnant.



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