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magetso - January 29

I have a question re: ovulation----I went off the BCP back in October, and my first cycle off the BCP was 39 days. Then the 2nd cycle was 33. So, I expected this 3rd cycle to be a little shorter, based on that limited trend. However, this third cycle, ending yesterday, was exactly 33 days once again. So, do you think I can assume that my body has settled into, or at least decided on, a 33 day cycle? I'm not even sure that I am ovulating, but I did predict 33 days based on my CM around days 19 and 20---I'm not 100% sure it was EWCM, but I did notice a distinct difference in both amount and quality, indicating, to me at least, that I was ovulating. And we did BD right around that maybe I didn't ovulate? If anything, I'm thrilled that this cycle was somewhat predictable, hopefully making it easier for us in the coming months, but it's frustrating that we timed it this cycle and still nothing. I do know that it's possible to have a "period" even if I haven't ovulated, but it seems more than a coincidence that the past 2 cycles have been 33 days. What do you think? Thank you so much in advance! :-)


DaBonkElsMe - January 29

It can take up to a year or more to get your cycls back to normal after bcp. But it could also take just one month. Everyone is different so it's hard to say. Once your cycls are regular, it is likely that you are ovulating, but not guaranteed. Also not everyone gets EWCM, but not getting it doesn't mean you are not Oing, just like getting EWCM does not mean you are!! It's a pain, I know, but the only way to find out for sure if you are Oing is to take and chart your basal body temperature everyday for several months. You can read everything there is to know about temping and charting at, you can even start a free chart on that website. Good luck!


VenusdiMilo - January 29

Yeah, DaBonk is right. I've been off BCP since Dec, 05 and my cycles are still not back to normal yet. I’ve had cycles from 24days – 34days long since I’ve been off. Right now I believe I’m shooting for a 29 day cycle but I just started charting so I’m not sure yet. What I do know is charting will definitely help and there’s no better place right now than GL!! (my FF address is


LIN - January 29

Your body is probably settling down to a normal ovulation pattern. Some women's cycles regulate quickly, so not. My cycles went right back on track right away (plus or minus a few days). However, the only way to be sure that you are indeed ovulating is to chart your temperatures. It might be doing for at least one month to confirm that you are indeed having a definite temp shift mid-cycle, though you'll probably get hooked like the rest of us. Good luck!


VenusdiMilo - January 29

I sure did get HOOKED on charting :-) I find myself getting excited to know what my temp will be the next's cool :-)



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