Do U Experience V Dryness When In Early Stages F Pregnancy

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pujal - September 7

hi i thnk i might be preg .but i am not sure if it leads to a dry va___a?


charmaine - September 8

oh pls, anyone, i wld like to know tis too! Hey Pujal, wat lead u to think u might b pregnant? hv u tested?


minnie - September 8

well, from what i've heard being dry means af is about to show.... i am a day late and very dry also...but all hpt say -. i've heard that being really wet is a sign of pregnancy though. then other people say neither is a sign. so it's really confusing. i hope things work out the way you want them to.


Colleen - September 8

I would like to know this as well. I have a lot of promising signs I think but have been very dry since O unless I do an internal check, and then its pasty,lotiony like the much talked about cm when pregnant. Hopefully someone who might know or experienced this will answer.


pujal - September 8

i gotmy last period on 18 aug which means that m onCD 22 and i might have ovulated on 1 sep.I am having mild cramping since the 4 sep and have been spotting on 6,7 and also today.Also i am very dry down there .Hardly any cm is present >And when i spot i can see a little on my panty and only when i wipe.So i am tryig to keep my hopes high.And also i am very ga__sy .Other than this i am having no other just wanted to know if U get dry n preg......Anyways......all the best to u gals.a lot of baby dust to u all...........


Colleen - September 8

Pujal, is your spotting blood (I a__sume) and not spotting cm ? I am on cd 24 and 9 days past O. I have mild cramping, metalic taste in my mouth (that was yesterday and the day before but none today) and sore nipples and b___bs which has also gotten better today then they have been so I am confused. I dont know what to think but still dry. Today I did have a little cm on underwear, yellowish maybe, but just a tiny bit. Since no one was able to answer our question, we'll have to keep each other posted. I have heard that anything that differs from your norm is a good sign as far as cm. I dont have a lot of cm usually anyway. Baby dust..


RR - September 8

You have no idea how much I would love to have this question answered too. You can read so much abou the ovulation cm and pre-ovulation but very little is written about post-ovulation cm. I have had cramps for 4 days now in lower abdomen and pelvic area. Vivid dreams and restless sleep (waking at 3am). Very annoying.


pujal to colleen - September 9

hope that u get a bfp dear.I am not sure what to think........coz i am spotting for last 4 days now which is on wipes only during the morning.Also there is some blood on m panty after exercising or one hr. everyday for last 4 days.So i was really scared if i am not hurting the baby if at all this is IB an if at all i am pregnant.......also i get very wet normally but for the last few days i am super dry when i and dh try to BD......anyways all the best to u u will be testing son i suppose.........all the best


mellissa - September 9

i don't want to make you lose hope...but this cycle i was very excited because i had a lot of cm following o then three days ago i got really dry...and af showed today(two days late). i've heard that cm is not a good indicator of don't rely on that too much. good luck!!!


Colleen - September 10

Well I caved, and tested today. BFN of course. Dont know if it was because its too early, dont know if its because I am not pregnant, bought tests (2) at 99 cent store because I have read so many good things about dollar tree tests (we dont have dollar tree where I lived so I thought 99 cent store was the next best thing). Did both tests in the middle of the afternoon, even though I should have waited till the morning, and both tests said to wait until after you missed a period, which of course I havent. I just wanted to get some early testing out of my system but now I am sorry I did as I am going into the weekend a little down. Could mean something, could mean nothing. I am starting to get a little more cm, so who knows. Pujal, is your spotting bright red, or old brown blood ? I wouldnt know what to think if I were you either? Still too early for you to test (I should have waited!) but when are you going to plan on testing ? Dont give into the need like I did ! Baby dust..Will keep updating.


pujal - September 11

Hi Colleen i thnk u should wait 4 a missed period......coz these dolar tree test require higher hormonal level.By the way my spotting hs stopped and it was pinkish brown stuff.............


Grandpa Viv - September 11

Pujal, your pink and brown wipe description matches many other posts on implantation. RR, the vivid dreams rings a bell. I think you are all trying to outguess the system. Wait until a few days before AF due and then count up the differences from what is normal for you. No one sign is definitive, but half a dozen would be encouraging. Count stupid things too, like dreams, runny nose, strange smells, acne change, appet_te change, v____al moisture change, sensitive nipples, upset intestines, uti&yeast. Good luck!


ker - September 12

Hi, pujal, I got a bfp last week. A dry vag, is usually what happens after ovulation, it probably does not mean you are pg. I had very wet cm after ovulation, so I think if you are pg, you are more likely to be wet than dry. I'm sure it is different with everyone though, but just wanted to share my experience. GL.


pujal - September 12

thnx 4 all u r inputs......



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