Do U Feel Ur Tummy Is Growing Before U Miss A Period

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ritz - February 11

just keen to know if u feel that ur tummy is growing even before u miss a period.. coz i know i have flat tummy & now i think it is not that flat we were ttc i havne't missed my af yet due around 18/20th of feb. just if anyone has the same ques or ans which u could sahre pls..good luck to all


Lauren - February 11

Sometimes your tummy gets bloated before your period is due. If this isn't normal for you, it could be a sign of pregnancy. Do you have any other symptoms? Good luck to you too x


ritz - February 11

oh thank u so much lauren.ya i have little twinges on my right side of tummy though ny ovl date is over i mean it was frm 3rd to 7th,i feel ltlle dizzy that's it..but do u feel all these symp so early just wondering or do we just want to make it in mind so taht we think we r preg.. i really want to be ..thanks again..


Hi - February 11

I also think it will be too soon for your tummy to grow so early but maybe it due to bloating or depends on your appet_te if it increases lately you might be putting on a little weight...Good luck


ashley - February 11

i am about 4-5 days late...and even before then, i felt that my tummy was growing. I have a flat stomache too, and now i feel like i have a "pooch."


~m~ - February 11

OMG! I'm sooooo glad you posted this question. Unfortunately, I'm not pregnant at the moment, however, I have recently been pregnant more than once.... and each time, about a week after ovulation, I started getting those little twinges, AND I got bloated as heck!! That was really my main indicator. In addition to bloating, I read that upon fertilization/implantation, the uterus starts stretching and expanding (especially in women who have had full term pregnancies). Therefore, that could be part of the abdomen expansion. I hope you are pregnant! Keep us posted. Good luck! :o)


trix - February 11

my tummy is grown too.and i have had a lot of brown discharge for a week. but now its completely stopped and the pain is less too. but i still have abck aches too.i got a negative blood report,,dunno wot to think


chezed - February 11

I have felt like that before, i turned out to be pregnant but unfortunately i had a miscarriage, so it is possible although it could just be a sign of your period.


ritz - February 11

thanks everyone for sharing ur expereinces,somehow i don't know i think it is growing & also some other signs r i do have spotting on my ovl days but bfr that we did try to ttc & no spotting this time so not sure if taht is good sign but anyways will have to wait till i miss my period. i wish everyone a luck & baby dust to all of us who r ttc..once again thanks everyone.



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