Do U Think I Am Pregnant

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tasha1 - October 24

i had unprotected se like 15 times which he came in me each time while i was at the peak of ovulation,my body feels weird,my mouths got alot of saliva,i am peeing alot,my insides feel swolen(inside)i get bad head aches,but its not time for my peroid find myself real tired all the time too,all this is unusual.


Viv - October 25

Congratulations! This is a good description of early pregnancy symptoms that start a week before your next (missed) period. Since one of your symptoms is peeing a lot, and this is linked to hCG levels, you can hope to get a positive from a home test the day your period doesn't come.


tasha - October 25

well i am about 1n1/2 weeks from emotions are getting really bad i am crying alot for no reason is that comman


tasha1 - October 27

well i don't understand i am i am about 2 weeks after i had unprotected s_x alot during the peak of my is october 27th i started getting sick with all my other symptoms,i don't want to go to work i feel completely awful is it possible i am that morning sickness.


melissa - November 14

well i had unprotected s_x 2 time and both times he came but pulled out real fast be4 he came..but i dunno he pulled out soon enough..and i cant be pregnant i am only parents would kill me. and later in the day after we had s_x i took 3 birth control pills cuz some1 told me thats like a morning after pill


Jenn - November 15

Yes, you are pregnant


Audrey - November 15

Melissa- Whoever told you to take three birth control pills wasn't entirely correct. It's true that b/c pills contain the same hormones, but the morning after pill is much stronger and has a special dose. Speak to a doctor about your situation (the doc won't tell your parents because of patient confidentiality) and you can get a proper morning after pill as long as it's fewer than three days after the intercourse occurred.


Audrey - November 15

To Melissa- read this site about taking regular birth control pills to simulate the morning-after pill.


janet - November 15

i had s_x with my boyfriend last sunday ,monday, and friday and all times he didn't pull out. now my period isn't due till november 24 and i'm having backaches and cramps early could this be because i'm pregnant?


donna - November 15

i felt this way at the beginning of my pregnancy so i think u most probably are



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