Do You Quot Feel Quot Pregnant

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Shannon - April 29

I was wondering if there is anyone who had cramping like AF was coming and then Got a BFP? For those who did have that sign... did you feel pregnant? I'm having cramping but AF hasn't showed up yet. I don't feel pregnant though. My friend said that she just felt life growing inside her. Has anyone had a BFP and still felt like nothing was there? Thanks everyone!


motherof20 - April 29

Shannon, I just got my BFP on Wednesday - the cramping was out of control the week before that and even till today. I'm very tired at night and feel a little flutter in my stomach that's it. How late are you?


kim - April 29

With my second child I was ttc for 3 years so as you can imagine I kept track of everything. I had irregular cycles so it was hard to know if I was late b/c of pregnancy or not. I thought b/c I wanted it so bably I would just know when I was pregnant, well I didn't I had no symptoms until about 9 weeks and tested positive at 10 weeks when I finally realized I did have pregnancy symptoms. I guess what I am saying is everyone feels pregnant at different stages of pregnancy. You could be one of those women who never feel pregnant.


kim - April 29

Motherof20 I have read your post many times, I just new you were pregnant. Congrats!!!


vanessa - April 29

I got my BFP yesturday and I felt exactly like AF was coming at any moment. I still feel very "twingy" and a bit more achy than crampy. However, I don't necessarily "feel" pregnant... not yet anyway. My b___bs are very tender so that is another reminder that something is different but it hasn't really sunk in yet.


Jenice - April 29

motherof20, How far along were you when you got your BFP?? I'd love to know! And congratulations!!! :o)


Christine - April 29

Stupid question but what does BFP stand for?


kw - April 29

not a stupid question i promise! BFP stands for big fat positive


Meghan - April 29

I just got my BFP on WEdnesday and a doctor confirmed it on Thursday, and I cramped on and off for about a week. No, I didn't feel pregnat at all! I would think I was one minute and then woudl be conviced I wasn't. So good luck! I don't think you ever really know for sure, because there were times I was convinced I was and I wasn't....But I am now and I don't feel any different! Just a little sick in the car when I drive....good luck!


Shannon - April 29

I'm 2 days late (or will be offically tomorrow morning). I keep running to the bathroom to see if "She" has come but not a sign yet! Thank you God!!! I just feel like I'm going to start my period... It's driving me crazy. I bought two test today and I am so tempted to use one but I don't want to waste it. I've done that so many times and then about an hour later I start my period. Anyways... Please pray for me and give me lots of Baby dust. We've been trying for about 15 months now so I would really like for this to be it. Oh and tomorrow is our Three year Wedding anniversary so what a perfect gift for my hubby!! Lets hope!


natasha - April 29

hi shannon. ur story sounds like mine too. when i took hpt, after a while AF showed up. first month ttc, i tought i was pregnant and then i went bought the hpt. but when i arrived at home, AF showed up. and i really thinks its funny. anyway.. good luck to you and a lots of baby dust! :)


natasaha - April 29

oh.. one more thing.. i'm 2 days late too.. so keep praying!


Shannon - April 29

Hi Natasha, It's good to know someone else is in the same boat! Keep me posted on what happens. So far still no sign of AF and I still have mild cramping. I'm going to test tomorrow morning... I'm so nervous. I keep telling myself that I'm not pregnant. I guess my brain is trying to save me from the rollarcoaster of emotions. It's tough seeing negatives. I really hope that this is the time for you. Please keep me updated... It's always great having a waiting buddy!


Jules - April 30

Hey Shannon - happy 3rd anniversary! Just wondering of you got that BFP as a surprise anniversary gift?! All the best to you xxxxx


rachy - April 30

Hi Shannon, Im due in 2 days and have had pain/discomfort since ovulation. I have had pain with both my other pregnancies. Its a symptom that not many people or books mention. Baby dust for both of us


K9 - April 30

I am 6 weeks pregnant and I have very mild cramps often. Those started just after ovulation. The doctor says it is my uterus growing and stretching. I never felt pregnant and still only have a few symptoms. Good luck!


natasha - April 30

hi shannon.. how r u today? my af just showed up just now..and i feel so frustated. how about urs? hope that u will get BFP so it will be the best gift of ur anniversary..ever! eventhough that i 'feel' like pregnant bcause of all the just what my mind said n took control the whole system of my body.. i guess..hihi.. by the way, now i'm slowly face the fact that i had my period today which mean absolutely BFN.. hemm.. sound that me and my dh have to start it all over again..however, good luck to u and a lot of BABY DUST! keep me updated k? ;)



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