Do You Have Faith

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starr - October 29

pray in the name of Jesus, that God will bless everyone on this site, with a healthy baby boy or girl. I stand in the gap for u believing that God will bless you this month. We take a stand against Af today. We declare Victory!! If you believe begin to thank our heavenly father for our blessings. He said in His words to be fruitful and multiply. Do you remember Hannah? Hannah made a vow to the Lord. She said old Lord of hosts, if You will indeed look on my affliction of Your maidservant and remember me, but will give me a male child, then I will give him back to you Lord all the days of his life. So ladies make your vow to the Lord. Dedicate your child to him. I say in Jesus name, "Be in peace, and may the God of Israel grant your pet_tion which you have asked of Him.


again? - October 29

Do you write this on every forum?


starr - October 29

only when it's a need. So to God be the Glory. I pray many blessings for you this month. I'm claiming them for myself.


anne - October 29

Ok a little weird but I do appreiciate it. Thanks for your prayer!


to starr - October 30

Any prayer is well received - thank you and bless you too :)


kristen - October 30

Thank you for the prayer. My hubby and I have been praying for children for almost one year now. I also have our entire small group at church praying for us. I know that God will answer the prayer in His time. However, all that said, I'm now in the situation that I am afraid to get my hopes up and afraid to take a pregnancy test. AF was due yesterday, I have been having some crampy feelings on and off, like I'm gonna start, for the past week, but no af yet. I'm usually very regular, except for last month when I was over 2 weeks late and drove myself crazy when all the pg tests were negative. I don't want that to happen again this month. Tomorrow is my hubby's b-day and I really want to be able to say, "We're Pregnant!" as his b-day gift. Please pray for us:) Thanks.


To Starr - October 30

Can u pray that I will have s_xual arousal near my wife ovulation period, and my p*nis will stay erect during intercourse, and I able to ejaculate?? and also I am able to do it 3+ times in her O period, cause w/o that forget about getting pregnant.


kristen - October 30

re: "to starr" I will pray that you and your wife can still enjoy s_x around her o time. I know the stress and anxiety can sometimes take the fun out of it. My husband struggles with that too. Just try to relax and remember that God is in control, not you:)



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