Do You Have More Bowel Movements In The Early Weeks

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tonia1976 - March 9

sorry so gross but i was wondering if anyone else has had more bowel movements in early weeks of pregnancy? i suspect i am 4 or 5 weeks but urine is to light for me. thanks


Lyla - March 9

I find myself having atleast 3 a dat now. Its not diarhia, but they are definateky softer. Firts time around it was the biggest sign I had. Im only 9 weeks and some change right now.


kk - March 10

yeah ive been noticing that too, im 9 weeks and id say i go 2 times a day, smaller amouts tho...


kiki - March 11

so glad you asked this question as it's one i've had for a while but always forget to ask! i may be pg and this is something that has been happening to me over the last few weeks- slightly softer and more frequent, just as you are all describing. I also was sick 4 times one day about 3 and a half weeks ago, having some headaches and general fluey symptoms. my friend said that before she realised she was pg (a couple of yrs back) she just felt like she had the worst cold ever which is how I'm feeling now. Hmmm.... curiouser and curiouser eh? good luck ladies! xx


Kathy - March 12

New to the board, also very glad you asked. I have been trying to get pg and also noticed this same problem this last week. Here's hoping!!!! Good luck


Terra - March 14

I am about 4 weeks pregnant and I find that I also have about 3 bm's a day. It is softer, but not diarrhea. So, I guess we are all normal.


brooke - March 22

Yes, I have never gone to the bathroom so much, I suspect I am 5 or 6 weeks along as well. What's the deal???


Saird - March 22

Oh c___p! I was noticing this too in the last week, and I'm on the pill (micronor) and I'm wondering if it hasn't worked that well!


SA - March 29

I am very glad that so many other people are noticing this too. I have really noticed the frequency these past couple weeks. I am glad to know it is not only me.


jenice - March 30

wow...i'd always heard that a sign was constipation, and i had that a couple of weeks ago, but now it's the opposite, so i thought maybe i wasn't pg. but maybe i should go to the dr. thanks for asking that question!!


mulgajill - March 30

i think it can be constipation too... the pregnancy hormones affect the bowel and can go either way...


sang - March 30

me too. i'm about 6-7 weeks and it's been about 3 times daily and diff texture. but i'm back to normal since yesterday and that's really worrying me. i haven't had any nausea this morning either, am so scared. do symptoms stop so suddenly? i have an u/s scheduled for tomorrow.


mulgajill - March 30

Early pregnancy symptons are just that... early... as time pa__ses some change, some go away and some stay ie... morning sickness may go and be replaced by heartburn... good luck tomorrow...


LG - May 6

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I think I am pregnant but not so sure. Too early to take a test. If I conceived, it was a week ago to this day. Had a m/c 2 months ago. I am having bm like 3x a day. I am usually a 1 or none a day person so it is weird. It's not diarrhea but def something. I feel nauseous too. Last time I was preg (w/ miscarraige) I don't remember any of these symptoms. But I also didn't know I was preg until a month later. I don't know if it's too early to have these symptoms but something is def up w/ my body! And my b___st are slightly larger. Maybe I am just so aware of my body since I just had the m/c.


NikiS - May 6

I had the big diarrhea thing goin on with both my pregos. Hope this helps!


vanessa - May 6

I am having the opposite problem. I am 6 weeks and I can't seem to go but once or twice a WEEK. I've read that it can go either way -- be glad that you can go at all!!! It's AWFUL! :)


Danielle - May 6

How exciting, I had always read the opposite that it constipates you if your pg, but I have been to the doctor a bunch over the past two years because I don't have bowel movements hardly ever, maybe once every two weeks. Anyway, I had just told my mom that I have had b/m's everyday for the past three days without taking anything. Could this be a sign. If so, it would be a major sign for me because I am always so constipated!!!!!!!!!! I sure hope so, please let me know what you guys think.



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