Do You Stop Ovulating Once You Are Pregnant

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Curious - August 31

Ok my question is this! I can totally tell when I’m ovulating and we are trying to have baby # 2.Well after having s_x more than normal and days have past I don’t feel like I’m ovulating anymore when I should be. So can you be pregnant and still ovulate? Or do you stop ovulating once you are pregnant? Please help!!! I have tried to research on this topic and can’t find anything regarding this concern.


Shari - July 25

I think you stop ovulating as you stop having your period and the uterus is used in carrying your baby!?!??!?!?! I think thats right.. but pretty sure you stop ovulating while pregnant.


April aka (curious) - July 28

Hey Shari, Thank you so much for responding to my question. It helped a lot I had no clue about that. As you can see I said baby # 2 my first is now 5 almost 6 years old and we so are ready for another. I will keep you posted i wont no any thing until around July 8th or 9th that’s when my period is supposed to come thanks again. You're the only one who responded so thanks!!!


Nancy - August 2

Women do stop ovulating during pregnancy.


APRIL - August 2



April - August 6

Well its August 6th and aunt flow came to visit so im not pregnant. :( better luck next month. Thanks for all your responses.


ttgg - August 7

How do you know when you are ovulating? What does it feel like or... please help


April - August 10

TTGG, the way i can tell is i feel alot of presure in my lowere belly kinda like im gonna start my period also i discharge more at that time then others and you usually ovulate 7-14 days after the first day of your last period. here is a web site here is the address if you cant just click on it type it in if it dont work let me know. Good Luck!!!


April - August 10

TTGG, that web site will calculate when you are ovulating. Try it see if it helps.


ttgg - August 10

thanks April, it helped alot. I took a blood test yesterday to find out if i was pregnant or not..


lisa - August 31

If I am ovulating and have s_x then i have my period 2 weeks later does that mean I didnt get pregnant for sure



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