Do You Think I Am PREGNANT 15 Yr Old Mom HELP

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Amanda - November 18

ok i stopped taking the pill about two weeks ago and in the last week me and my b/f had unprotected s_x about 8 times which he came in me all times. and now i am experiencing cravings i have to pee all the time i am always tired and my nipples are very sore and my nipples are big and they are getting darker, well the area around my nipple and bigger. Also right under my ribs in the front it looks like it is alittle swolen? Please if you think i am pregnant please, your advice.and can i be experiencing sighns already -thanks


v - November 18

some of that really sounds like pregnany symptons so take a test as soon as possible.and don't think me being judgemental but if you don't want to be pregnant don't have are a bit young for that responsibility!but I am sure you know Best Wishes to you!


Audrey - November 18

Your cycle can get messed up when you go off the pill, so using a condom is a good idea during this time. From the symptoms you describe I'd say you might be pregnant, so take a test around the time you would normally expect a period.


A - November 18

First of all, WHY WHY WHY are you trying to have a baby at 15! You are going to take away your youth. How do you plan to take care of this baby? In theory yes, if you have unproteced s_x you could get pregnant, but I doubt that the food cravings, etc would come one so quick. You do know the mind is a very powerful thing, and if you think you are (because you are trying) then you can develop symptoms even if you are not. YOU WOULD NOT BE SHOWING YET either. and chances are, you didn't get pregnant the 1st day you were trying. So I think your mind is doing tricks on you.


Amanda - November 18

To A, well you know what i thought that was very hurtfull what you said and all i know is if i am pregnant this baby will be soo loved and it will be taken care of my b/f is 18 and he is getting a job and i will hjopefully have my family to support me but it was very rude and what is wrong with you that you had to say that stuff to me which i am very scared and i am only 15 so if you have nothing nice to say to me or nothing helpful then don't say anything because you know what this baby will have a mom and dad that loves him or her very much and i will have alot of people to help me so thanks but no thatks for you rude comments!!! -Sincerely Yours Amanda


A. - November 18

I just am concerned for you. My best friend had a baby at 15, and it has forever affected her life. She loves her daughter very much, but it has left scars. ENJOY YOUR LIFE! be young!


tiffani - November 19

Amanda, You are way to young to have a baby. You can't even provide for yourself, how do you expect to provide for a child? You aren't even sure if your family will support you, let alone your baby once they find out you're pregnant (if indeed you are).You said in your first post that you stopped taking the pill, then continued to have unprotected s_x 8 times... it sounds to me like you want to be pregnant. Your "symptoms" seem way to early, so it's unlikely based on them that you are.(although unprotected s_x WILL GET YOU PREGNANT) I'm hoping for your sake that your'e not. "A" and I are not trying to come down hard on you or be mean. We just have alittle more life experience (i'm 30 with 2 children) then you do and are truly concerned. I wish you well.


A. - November 19

I fully agree with Tiffani. I am 26 and I have a 4 year old. I met my baby's father when I was 16 and got pregnant with him when I was 20. I am no longer with the baby's father, and he refuses to see our daughter. I get a check each month thats it. I was 20 just about 21 when I found out I was pregnant. Even at that age, I was not emotionally, or financially ready. Do you know how much it costs to raise a baby? You can kiss anything for yourself goodbye. Do you want to graduate highschool? Do you want to go to college? Do you want to get ahead in life and have nice things? Wouldn't you love to beable to give your child only the best life has to offer? I beg you to PLEASE think about it!


m - November 19

Are you trying to get pregnant? Because at this rate, you will! And as for those symptoms, if you had s_x this past week, no freaking way would all of this be happening.... IF you were even pregnant. No offense, but it sounds like you've been scouring the internet looking for signs and maybe you are "wishing" them more than actually having them. Enlarged areolas at less than a week past conception??? Come on, now. I'm not trying to be mean, but it just sounds like these symptoms came straight off of a list you found on a website. Even though they are all real symptoms, it's just way too early for some of them.


Audrey - November 19

Amanda- I hate to say this but you should look into the legal aspects of this situation as well. In most places in North America if a man over 18 has s_x with a girl under 18 he is breaking the law.


Audrey - November 19

Correction- In the United States the legal age of s_xual consent for most states is 16.


Jenna - November 19

Oh and another thing, youre 18yo bf who "loves you and is GOING to get a job" and you "hope your family will support you" read that girl and tell me if you think this is smart. You are so young and naive and you think the world cant touch you and everything is so easy. Love doesnt take care of a baby, and 18yr old little boys who are just looking for a hole to stick it in dont care, so wise up grow up and hope for that BABIES sake that you arent pregnant.


private info - November 19

hey well im only 13 but im experiencing the same things and im pregnant...most likely u r pregnant. you can be experiencing signs already because iam on my 10th week (2months in a half) and i started expriencing signs right away. well i no u might be sitting there staring at the computer thinking "OMG im 15 and i think im young but shes 13" well yeah unfortunatly everyone make mistakes and we learn from them...well im not going to say my name on this but if you want to talk my email is [email protected] ok....hope u get everything settled...oh and another thing....pregnancy test arent always right..


Amanda - November 19

Thanks Latin Chic i will e-mail you and to the rest of you none of you people know me or my b/f and just because it when bad for you dosen't mean it is gonna end up bad for me and also just because your b/f probally left you dosen't mean mine will..i had all of my symptoms before i went on sights looking to see if they were..the reason i was asking questions was to find out if they really may not have had early symptoms but everyones bodies are different..and if you dont know that then you shouldnt be saying that im the stupid one!! i asked for advice and i wasnt expecting to get told by complete stangers what i should be doing with my life...i wanted help but all you girls had for me were negative comments, thanks a lot!


no name - November 19

I pitty a baby you ever have. You are not even out of highschool! Get a grip, and beware your boyfriend can go straight to jail if anybody finds out and chooses to prosecute. Jenna is right. What are you doing having s_x so young? Wait tell that baby keeps you up all night crying, barfing, fussing, how fun will that be?


angela - November 19

Everyone needs to chill on the judgement calls. Amanda didn't post her personal question so that everyone could tell her she made a mistake, she obviously knows that. If she feels she has a strong support group, good for her. Maybe her boyfriend will be there, maybe he won't we don't know them and it is not our place to make her feel like cr*p. To answer her question, it seems way early to have these symptoms, if they are not just being imagined. I am on my second pregnancy. Both times I was on the pill for several years. When we decided to have a baby, it took me being off the pill a month and a half. The same thig this time too. My doctor told me it can take up to 3 months to get it all out of your system, but people have still gotten pregnant while on the pill, so there is just no way to be sure. Amanda if you want to e-mail me you can: I made this address in case anyone who has never been pregnant has any questions I might know the answer. [email protected] oh yeah, here in TX we have Planned Parenthood clinics that offer pregnancy tests at little or no cost to you, and your parents don't have to know. Maybe they have them where you live too?


m - November 20

First of all, if you'll read my post again, you'll see I did not call you stupid. It is just way too early for most of the stuff you claim to be experiencing. Second of all, when you post a question on a message board, it is fair game. So if you don't want the truth thrown in your face, find support in your peers, rather than from people older and wiser than you.



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