Do You Think I May Be Pregnant

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Jennifer - January 2

I had s_x with a guy on the 19th of December in 2004 after a Christmas party of drinking too much. I know that we had s_x a total of three times. Twice of those times were back to back and the third was a little later. The second time, the condom bust, and we didn't know it until he pulled out and there was a wet spot below us. I don't know the exact time when it bust, but we just knew it when he pulled out. I think i might have had my period before that but im not sure. I really don't keep track. But now i did not have it the rest of December and i thought i usually have it at the end of every month. I took two pregnancy tests already and today marks two weeks. I took an EPT and a first response and they both show up Negative but i have read that i should wait longer. I have been urinating constantly and i haven't been eating alot. Is there a possibility i could be pregnant and the tests are wrong? plz help me thank you


Carrie - January 2

Hi Jennifer, In my opinion yes there is a chance you could be pregnant (there is allways a chance when having unprotected s_x) but it could be that you are just late because you are stresed out and thinking about it all the time - I know I had all the symptoms and signs of pregnancy and I got all neg preg tests, But I got AF Dec 30th ( I was nearly 8 weeks late, I would wait another 2 weeks and then try another test (unless you can afford to keep buying them) or ask your Dr for a blood test as apparantly they are the most accurate - Good luck to you.


Cat - January 2

Either your pregnant, or you could have an infection, especially if your needing to pee alot! Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - January 2

Next weekend is the first you could reasonably hope for an accurate result from a home test. If frequent peeing is the only body change you are experiencing, I would be thinking infection, especially if it hurts to pee. If you have other body signs like fatigued, gas or other intestinal changes, unusual b___b changes, then pregnancy is more likely. Good luck!



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