Do You Think It S Implantation Or Period

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Praying4aLittleOne - May 27

Hi, yes I am ttc. I was charting but didn't chart this month because I was busy moving. I am pretty sure that I ovulated somewhere around 12th-15th of this month because I did take my temperature on the 17th just to see if I had ovulated yet. I saw that my temperature was what it usually is during my luteal phase. So I am very excited that I could have conceived this month because we bd everyday that week that I think I ovulated. I always cramp around a week before my period. The usual light cramping started last Sunday (25th) which would mean my period is probably due somewhere around the end of the week. Last night I saw very light spotting (not enough for pantyliner). First, it was brown so I dug in there some more (sorry for tmi) and it was a pale red (not really pink). I didn't see anymore until this afternoon. It is still sometimes brown and sometimes a pale red. Do you think it's possible for this to be implantation bleeding or is this just af coming? And would I still have my usual cramping if I was pregnant?


Praying4aLittleOne - May 28

Still no af. Anyone have a clue? Thanks.


Wish10 - May 29

Hi Praying. Do you usually spot or does af show up full force? Since it is turning red, sounds like an impending af...sorry. Dont lose hope though because she's not full force yet! I am having some cramping for the 3 days. I never cramp prior to af, only the day of so this is odd to me. I feel so "different." I have a 7 yr old & dont remember I wasnt trying, guess that's why. I'm due for af any day now, but tomorrow is when I expect her (my cycles range from 30-34, usually 32 days though. This cramping, I thought I felt af twice only to run to the b.r. to find nothing. I believe you'd get the cramping b/c your uterus may be contracting & preparing for a baby.


krissy2006 - May 29

My theory is that anything that is 'unusual' is good news anything that is 'usual' and 'normal' will usually be followed by the 'usual' and 'normal'. That isn't to say however that your spotting couldn't be implantation bleeding. Anything is possible of course but as you know, it is impossible for us to tell you one way or the other especially since we are not sure which day you ovulated. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and send you all the baby juice I have!!



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