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SHAY - August 11

HI my name is SHAY if you think you are pregnant and been haveing pregnant symptoms you need to wait and see if your period is comeing if you been getting a not pregnant sign wait till the next month to test right around the time you will get your next period. BECAUSE on MAY14,2005 my werid period i had a 2 days half bleeding 3th day spotting light pinkish blood and 4th day spotting 5th day spotting going off it was brownish so i did not know what was going on if this is my full period. I went to test for pregnancy on MAY 20,2005, MAY 27,05, JUNE 2,05 JUNE 8,05 STILL NOT PREGNANT ON JUNE 19,05 I GOT A POSITIVE FOR SURE SO KEEP TESTING IF YOU BELIVE YOU ARE PREGNANT. IF you need to know what pregnant symptoms i had befofe the positive i had a lot of pregnant symptoms and the nurse or doctor did not belive me they told me i might have the flu i was not felting good at all i said i know i'm pregnant the doter said the test said not pregnant. well after all that on father day it said positive and i am 12 weeks pregnant.


Mica - August 11

Thanks for sharing your experience; probably it will help others! CONGRATULATIONS!


moo - August 11

congratulations shay. It is very true to say that we are our own best doctor. If we are able to distinguish fact from fantasy we actually have more info. than the doctors to go by. Glad you were right on the pregnancy shay.


Jolie - August 11

Thanks for that Shay. I was thinking i was pregnant because my period was late (5 days-my period is normally so regular i could set the time with it if i wanted to!), but then the dreaded thing arrived:). It was one of the worst periods because I was completely wiped out exhausted the day before and day of and in pain most of the night of. However, i am still feeling those symptoms. Namely light headed, bloated and nauseous. On top of that I have been feeling heartburn and tingling nipples for the past few days - this i have never experienced .My period was shorter than normal but as heavy as it ever was for two days and then it started to stop. I normally go for 4-5 days. I deep down am thinking I am not pregnant (protecting myself), but there's this nagging part of me that's telling myself to question this. I'm actually starting to think i might be more pregnant than i think, due to the bloated feeling i have. we'll see.



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