Does Quot W Stand For WITCH

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Janie - August 11

If sick of being ingored #2 was in fact helpful she wouldn't make rude comments.In fact she erased questions off the post.I mearly told her that most people on here are trying to ask questions not answer them and that it's not intentional. If , I do not know an answer or if I have not experienced the question for myself I can not answer it. But, If the person needs encouragement or I had the same happen to me, I answer. If I really want to know something I'll ask Grandpa Viv. God Bless and ~~~~LOTS OF BABY DUST~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!


Bella - August 11

Will everyone just please stop bickering. This is getting really silly.


bump - August 11



Kel - August 11

To bella: This whole thing started out silly! W started a thread complaining that no one was answering her question. When people told her that they didn't answer because they didn't know the answer or because they simply didn't have time to answer the same old questions, W got really wierd and insisted that they were all wrong. I think she upset several of the regular participants on this board. I was kind of offended by some of her comments myself, but chose not to participate because I don't get paid to respond upon demand like that. W really seems very concerned and seems to really want to help folks. Hopefully she can learn to do it in a more positive way. Starting a thread t_tled "sick of being ignored" is just a purposful stab at those ladies who responded to her other thread. Thus the argument continued there... and it goes on... Yes, very silly!


my opinion - August 11

As a newcomer to this forum, I have read the other thread and this one.I am offended by the way EVERYONE has behaved. I think what was said by w was wrong and continueing on like this is not right either. It is childish to go on and on and solves nothing. In my opinion this whole thing should be dropped and not brought up again.


Kel - August 11

W, like I said in my earlier post. You need to learn to be more positive. You can start by trying to control your language. I know everyone is kind of ganging up on you here, but the better stronger person will stay under control. Be a happy person!!


what!!! - August 11

I don't even know what the issue is I just got onto this website but I can't believe you guys are going back and forth, if w botehrs you ignore her, she is obviously thriving off your all of your comments, just don't reply to her


Kel - August 11

W, have you not figured out yet that this thread was set up just to anger you? Don't let it work. Be positive!! Go do some good, and watch that language (its not very lady like!). BTW, I'm a government worker, so I'm sure you all make more money than me. You also all have more kids than me, because I haven't been blessed with one yet. I've been trying for over a year now.


anon - August 11

does anybody know if you get cramps during implantation bleeding? and what the blood looks like or how often it lasts for? i would be thankful for any help x x x x


my2cents - August 11

anon, some women do get cramps during implantation, but not all women do. Same goes for spotting, some women do and some don't but if you do it should show up as a very liight/watery brownish/pinking discharge or a few spots of blood. I hope that this helps. Good luck to you and loads of baby dust!!


anon - August 11

well i do have some mild cramps which started today. i was due for af on the 8th. i am bleeding a bit more than spots but normally on the 1st day im flooding. today tho its bright red blood, normally its a darker colour and its not very much either. does it sound like implantation bleeding to you? x x x


my2cents - August 11

anon, it's really hard to say, you should take a HPT at least then you will put your mind at ease and if you are still concerned, you should speak with your Dr. Good luck to you!


Colleen - August 11

Anon, Do you know when you O'd? It is possible. Many people say they have something like their AF at the begining of their preg. It turns out to be IB. I hope it works out which ever way you want it. Take care***Baby Dust***


COlleen - August 11

Have you taken an HPT yet?


Kel - August 11

Hi anon! I used to do like you and wonder about every period that was a little different. Now I do temping. For me, my temp goes down two days before af, so I know the difference between af and possible IB. If you are ttc, I highly recommend temping!!! Its really helped me any way!


anon - August 11

thank you for your replies. ill just see how the bleeding goes on in the next few days. i think that i may of ovulated around the 28th of july. normally i would ovulate a bit earlier than that because my last period was on 11th of july but my cervix didnt rise until then. i think it may just be normal af although its normally much heavier and not bright red x x x


CharSS2 - August 11

I am new here and have read alot of the theards that are on here before I decided to join in on the conversations. I don't know about anyone else but I hope that yall can get off of all the BS and start to focus on why we are all really here. It is to encourage each other through a time that can be the most joyful part of life and turn into a time that can sometimes feel like you want to pull your hair out because you are going crazy. And most of the time our husbands and boyfriends don't quite understand where we are coming from because it takes a women to understand how each other are feeling because we have all been there or can imagine how each other feels about the things that we are going through. I hope that through the period cycles, af, the 2 week wait that we can all be there for each other and get past all this fighting over dumb things. If we all forgot our main goal is to achieve the wonderful gift of a baby that will bring the joy that we are all looking for. Hopefully this helps. God Bless Yall and Baby Dust All Around.



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