Does Any One Know This

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B - September 10

bding every day or every other day ? does any one know this for sure ?


Grandpa Viv - September 10

There are several days of high fertility before and at ovulation (sperm lasts, eggs don't). If you know when you are going to ovulate my suggestion would be to hold off until 2 days before, then hit it daily. Good luck!


me - September 10

i heard some where is good every other day up till two days before you o, then everyday till about 24-48 hours after you o. but i dont know for sure


B - September 10

tanks grandpa (cute name) friedn of my told me have ing s_x every day before and after O is not good is better every other day so sperm will have more chance to live


diana - September 10

well i bd 3 days before o and 2 days after i didnt mean to intentionally i didnt know wen o was comming i then got a + opk when there was no way of bding i was on a 24 hour flight to aus and i totall missed it im gutted but stil wondering if there could be chance of me still getting pregnant i have been trying for 16 months and using opks i have a 22 day cycle.


B - September 10

to Diana;you did 5 days of bd still is a good thing but i dont know if that was a good thing 4 sperm ? but good luck to you


fay - September 10

hhhhm??? im gone look it up


kelly - September 10

I always hit it every day after lh surge and got pg.(currently with the third) not doing it for too long kills the sperm and doing it too often lowers it too. I think it all depends on the sperm quality and quant_ty (and of course the egg), but I would not do it more than once in a 24 hour period.


to B - September 10

We did it twice a day, on 2 of the 4 days of bding around ovulation, and I got pregnant. Yay! If doing it too often were a sure way of not getting preggers, everyone would just be having lots of s_x, as a form of birth control....Baby dust to you!


B - September 11

tank you all for your answer guess this stuff is diffrent with every one .



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