Does Anybody NOT Have Nausea

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skinnyminny - May 1

I have some "symptoms" that seem to be pointing me in the pregnancy direction, but I'm not the least bit naseous or even really hungry or anything. I can eat with no aversions and on my regular schedule, but it feels like I DONT NEED FOOD. I have no feelings toward food at all. Its like I eat it because it's time to eat. I am not peeing alot but I don't "go number two" as much as I should even though at times during the day I think I need to. I feel reeeally lazy. REALLY, EXTRA LAZY. not tired. Lazy. And I'm not naseous. Anybody?


skinnyminny - May 1



AshleyB - May 1

I never felt nausea as an early pregnancy symptom. This is my 2nd pregnancy the first unfortunately ended in m/c. But with both I never got sick till 6-8wks. So don't be upset because you don't have EVERY symptom. For me, I was very ga__sy, i was getting full really quickly after being really hungry, peeing alot, and yellowy ewcm. I had these with both. They were all pretty insignificant too except for the ga__siness and bloating. I was eating like normal until 6.5wks this time, now I'm really sick I'm 7.5wks now. But the nausea usually doesn't kick in till the hcg gets pretty high in your system, so everyone doesn't feel that very early. Good luck!


nic - May 2

I am about 5 weeks pregnant and am feeling like, you, like I DONT NEED FOOD. I'm not sick (well today I feel sick but it's my first day of it) and I'm not constipated though normally with pregnancy I feel very constipated at this stage. I think you'[re preggo.


skinnyminny - May 2

ok thanx guys. i felt alone. lol


corinne - May 2

Some women don't even get any kind of morning sickness at all. I know I didn't through out my pregnancy. I didn't even know I was pregnant, I had a severe kidney and bladder infection that was the only reason I found out. So you may be one of the lucky ones and might end up not having it at all. Best o luck to all of you.


zoelouise - May 2

I have had 3preganncies... Never had sickness at all with all 3........ best way!!!! lol



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