Does Anyone Chart BBT Temps If So NEED HELP

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Wondering if pg - March 17

I've started charting my temps since Mar 8 and they have been constantly rising and hovering for the last three to four days around the 35.5 to 36.64 Celcius 97.5 to 98.0 Farenheit range and I believe I should be having a/f either Mar 22 or 28. I'm not sure as the last time I had spotting off and on for a week and this started on Day 18 of my 24 reg cycle which I am never early and my last one before that had only a day and a half of brown spotting. This week with my temps I've had virtually no cm? Does this mean pregnancy, I went to ob gyn yesterday and they gave me a pap smear? So I'm in the same boat as where I started from not knowing if pg and two short spotty so called a/f's? Need help fast!!!


Grandpa Viv - March 17 will give you some insight. Good luck.


emily - March 17

Temps before ovulation are low, mine are around 36.0 to 36.3 at this time, then after ovulation they jump up about .3 to .5 degrees, mine around 36.6 to 36.8 then just before heavy period bleeding starts, they slowly drop again over a few days, then stay low until ovulation again. If you are waiting for af then your high temps are normal. You won´t know if you´re pregnant until you miss another af and your temps stay high for more than 18 dpo. If they gave you a pap smear then they are testing for yeast or other infections to find a cause. Baby dust to you


Wondering if pg - March 17

Anyone else who charts????


Naomi M. - March 17

I chart too and my temps were in the 97's then on March 13, day after my o, it was 98.39 then 98.63 then 98.40 then 98.43 then today 98.42 so i still have a week to wait, af due either 3/24 or 3/27...


Wondering if pg - March 18

Hi Naomi M. If you want I will wait with you but my temps have been sort of rising and falling around the 97.0-97.5 Farenheit mark and because my last so called a/f was day 18 of a 24 cycle I will either have next a/f or spotting probably on either Mar 22 or 28 not sure by which date to go by but Mar 8 was the last day my temp was 36.0 Celcius. So keep me posted and I'll wait with you if you want.


Naomi M. - March 18

Wondering-- do you have any symptoms? I don't, but like I said on another post, I had "all" the pg symptoms last month, which just turned out to be PMS (my first cycle off the pill), so....this morning temp was 98.45. Do you chart on fertility friend? I wish I knew how to show my chart, but, yeah, I havent quite caught on how to do that yet!! Thanks for waiting with me!


Wondering - March 18

I've had pg symptoms off and on since a week before Feb 4 and still get period like cramps, ga__sy, bloated, constipated, darker areolas, darker c___toral area (sorry for being so graphic but heard it was a sign) had two strange so called periods the one I had Feb 10 only lasted a day and a half with little brown cm and the other one came early Day 18 of a 24 cycle and lasted about five days which is strange as well with little more spotting and a little red flow near the start normally I flow very heavy off the get go for about 2-3 days and then taper off and go through almost a box of tampons per period and still I keep testing negative and others and my temps have been hovering around the 36.5 to 36.6 Celcius range the last time they were low was Mar 8. I don't know how to chart at all as I've just been writing my temps on a piece of paper and going by that and they've either been on the rise or staying about the same and not a problem I will wait with you.


foxychico - March 18

it could be possble that you had a very early chemical pregnancy and you had a early misscarriage the same thing happened to me last month and i had a one day period i still have not tested positive for pregnancy


Wondering - March 18

Hi Foxychico, That's what I'm wondering and if so how long does it take your body to let you know. That has been in the back of my mind since this began but I haven't taken a test since Mar 5 which would have been on the day I was due for a/f and it came back neg. If that is the case how do you find out and what do you do?



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