Does Anyone Else Have An Opinion About Me Question

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shanshan - May 3

Question: Please can someone give their opions and thoughts. My prd stared Mar. 12 to late late night 17th . I used the pull out menuever with my partner the night of the 18th, also Apr. 8th &13th. If my cycle is on a 28 day cycle my prd should have come Apr. 14-15. Last wk and the week before I had a nausiated feeling in my throat and above my abdomen, witout throwing up but it is only occasional now. Also I had been gettin dizzy and I have pains in my stomach even the occasional pain on my lower left side which feels like my prd may start but this has been goin on for a few weeks. My nipples felt sore for 2 days last week but I may be overthinking. I've been having bad gas and bloating and had been complain of heartburn now that I think about it but most of this has surpassed. Been a bit tired and experiencing alot of neck and shoulder pains. I took at home preg test on the 23rd which was neg. then took the second test the next day which took longer then it should have so I messed with it and it showed neg. but I think I may have messed it up. I'm wondering if I should be worried. Could it just have been to early and should I try another test and if so when? Or are all these feelings because I am still in college and I just began finals week maybe it's the stress? Please help


Emma2 - May 3

If my calculations are correct you should have ovulated on or around the 25th of mar in order to get pregnant. Have you tested?


jeanette - May 3

Well, if you have a 28 day cycle with period starting on March 12th would have you ovulating somewhere around the 26th.... s_x on March 18th would have been too early, and April 8th and 13th would have been too late, but I suppose anything is possible.....maybe you're right and you are just stressing about it......test again maybe or blood test at doc's??


Emma2 - May 3

Yeah I agree with you Jeanette...The intercourse dates don't match with her fertile time.


Lin - May 3

If your period is late, then your stress probably caused you to ovulate later than usual, in which case it is possible that s_x on the 8th or 13th could have gotten you pregnant, though not necessarily likely. Even s_x exactly around the time of ovulation has at best a 25% chance of resulting in pregnancy. A test now should be accurate if you did conceive then, so take one!



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