Does Anyone Know Anything About Pregnancy After Depo Plz Help

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Katie-beth - September 12

Ok I got off the the depo provera shot and on june 2 it was not effective anymore. I had been having unprotected s_x just about everyday up untill june 20th which is the same day I started my pill. I had really light bleading around the 17th but it didn't last even a day. I haven't had a period since then. I have been having headaches, really bad cramps and constipation. Is there any chance that I might be pregnant? Does anyone know how long it takes to get pregnant after getting off of the depo shot? Please help!


Lilly - July 4

I had a friend that got pregnant while on the shot,yeah totally weird. You could be pregnant, try not to panic, see a doctor.Good luck!


joella - July 4

tell me your secret i got off depo in June of 2003 and have been trying to get PG since.. no luck.. i heard it takes like 6 to 8 months though


jaclyn - July 4

i was on depo years shut my hormon system down..i am now on meds trying to get pregnant..4 years later..see a doc joella it took me years to see one


Katie-beth - July 4

I was on the depo shot for almost a year. I have been off now for a month and a half and still no period or even spotting...shouldn't I have started my period or atleast spotted when i got off the shot without an alternative b.c? Also Joella, I think it depends on how long you were on the shot and your age to determine how long it will be before you may get pregnant...


mary - July 10

u should definatly take a test


candace - July 12

it can take up to a year for you to get pregnant after being on depo. it doesnt matter if you were on it one year or 10 it still can take just as long. most doctors say that you will be fertil after you have your first period.


Becky W - July 12

My last shot was in June 2002 and I didn't have my first period until September 2003 and they're still very unregular.


Autumn - July 13

I was on the shot for 6 years. I got off the shot and got pregnant in 6 weeks! Crazy huh? My son is now 2 and doing awesome! I would for sure take a test!


Becky W - July 14

Autumn- thanks for the hope! My husband and I are in the first stages of trying to get pregnant and everywhere I hear how hard it is after the shot! I'm glad to hear everything worked out for you.


keiona - July 14

This is reply to autumn, did you have any sde effectes while on the shot. I was on the shot for 4 1/2 yrs, my last shot as due in march and I didnt go, me and my husband are desperately trying to conceive and havent had any luck. When you stopped the shot did your period return immediately??


tiffany - July 18

i have been on it for 6 months and am not going to take it anymore. moody me. what are my chance after just taking it twice? you should take a test. you never know. good luck.


jenny - July 23

6 monthes


Candies - July 23

Hi! I was on depo then switched to bithr control pills then i missed takin some pills and after maybe over 6 months i got good luck...say some prayers to GOD and I'm pretty sure HE will listen to you....


joella - July 24

i took the shot twice and i am 19


joella - July 24

i got off the shot in June 2003 and didnt get my first period till January 2004.. they were very irregualar at first and now they are close to regular but they alternate between 31-35 days. i really want to have a baby and we have been trying since november. i am scared to go to a doctor and cant afford it even if i wasnt scared


Amanda - July 29

I was on depo for 31/2 years. After I stopped, I didn't get my period for 5 months. As for pregnancy, it took 3 years. They were just about to start fertility treatments when I found out a week later I was pregnant. Depo is really strange because it affects everyone differently. My friend got pregnant on the shot and is now having a hard time getting pregnant while using nothing. All I can think to do is test, if it's negative, wait for your period and if you still don't get it, get to the doctor. I could be that the hormones are still in your system and that's what's causing you to be late, but you just never know with depo.



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