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Marian - February 16

Can getting your wisdom teeth extracted(being put under) cause your period to be skipped for the month? Just curious, my af didn't come in jan. and i've taken a few hpt's and they're all neg. I stopped the pill in Oct and had 2 cycles after that, but none in Jan. So, just wondering if anyone knows if that could make me skip my af. Thanks.


stephy - February 16

i had my wisdom teeth pulled out befoe.. it affects your nerves in your mouth can cause fever, and soemtiems upset stomach..the first few days may cause dizzyness... and well maybe you got sick from it.. i remember i caught the cold right after i took my wisdom teeth out and felt sick.. so maybe that could affect your body.. or it depends on if the doctor prescribe special medicine for you.. somepeople have too much bleeding a few days after and need to take mediciine that could affect your body too.. check with your dentist and family doctr\or and u have fever.. feeling dizzy could be becuase you pulled out ur wisdom teeth then your body is worryign so your period is late.. good luck.. i hope this helped


j - February 16

hi marian-- going off of the pill cal cause your cycle to get all messed up. two normal periods and then a late period could be a side-effect of going off of the pill, could be because of stress (wisdom teeth), or could mean you are pregnant. keep on testing at weekly intervals if you don't get af. are you trying to conceive?


louise - February 16

the hormone change in the pill can make your periods irregualar for a few months. coming off it has preobably caused that effect


Amanda - February 16

That is so funny because I also just had my wisdom teeth removed in January and I didn't get my af the first week of February like I should have. I just stopped the pill the end of December and I think that's why my cycle is messed. But being nervous about the surgery probably didn't help either! I'm hoping my cycle gets back on track real soon so my dh and I can start ttc! :)


marian - February 16

Thanks for the advice. And yes, we are ttc, that's what makes it so misleading. I got excited because I didn't get it, but then I forgot about the stress of last month and being off the pill since october. Anyone think that if I miss my 2nd cycle should I go to the gyn and see what's going on? Thanks alot!



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