Does Backache Have To Be In Lower Back

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SM - February 21

I havebeen having some pregnancy symptoms, but my backache is more in the middle of my back. Right below shoulder blades, but centered. Has anyone else had this and it been a sign?


christi - February 22

i am having the exact same thing, but i don't know if it's a sign. i know that doesn't help you, but i will post again if i find something out!! Also, i am usually able to pop my own back and for the last week, i cant do it. this happen to you too?


beth - February 22

when i was preg with my daughter my whole back hurt, everywhere.


Sm - February 22

when i was pegnant before (I miscarried) my lower back hurt, that's why I'm wondering if it can be a sign. Thanks Christi- hope it's a good sign for us!


ME - February 22

I think that what you are having is probally stress. It is better to relax and try to be patient. It is hard but it puts a strain on you. When is your af due>>>?


christi - February 22

i am due feb., what about you? we might be waiting together!


christi - February 22

to ME - i think you may have something there...waiting is stressful and full of what-ifs! hopefully relaxing will help. thanks!


Sm - February 22

I'm not exactly sure- from the 25th to mid- March. Am having some brown diluted spotting now.


christi - February 23

i had something very thick & light brown on monday, but haven't seen it since. but my mind also likes to play tricks on me so i am just waiting patiently. sm - have any heartburn? i have awful heartburn!


Sm - February 23

I had it all last week, heartburn, nausia, b___st tenderness. I was having lots of brown discharge, but yesterday my temp dropped and today it went back up (hoping it was implantation) and the discharge seems to be gone. We'll see!!! (my back is still achy, but all over now- lower and middle.


Melissa - February 23

I have been achy all over my back for about a week now... I have written it off to my bed or the way I sleep, but now I am not sure.... been TTC for 2 months



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