Does Flatuation Stink More When PG

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Shirley - October 24

Do your fluffies smell worse when pregnant? Man, I let off some ripe ones tonight and my hubbie said, man I bet you're PG???


bumpitty - October 24



Velma - October 24

Lordy yes girl! I can stink myself out of the house. Definately a sign for me! Good Luck!!baby dust and lots of AIR FRESHNER!!!


CAMMIE - October 24



stinky - October 25



Carol - October 25

Oh my yes! I am 8 wks pg and I made roast beef for dinner last night. I farted in bed last night and my dh said he could taste the roast beef! Needless to say, I think I won't cook tonight and just pa__s some wind in his face...dinner served!!!lol!!!


tammy - October 25

lol that is so funny, i have a funny story myself.. i got pg with my last child fairly new into with relationship with my now dh. At that point in time i have never "pa__sed gas" in front of him...well needless to say we were laying in bed together one night and i pa__sed a nice quiet gas...but omg was it a deadly one...i swear it made both our eyes water and nostrils burn...i blamed it on something coming into our bedroom window...well when he went to go shut the window he relised the air out there was fresh thats when he turned around and was like "d__nnn baby it was you" i was so so embarra__sed!!!! lol


bump - October 25



to tammy - October 25

tammy, that story you told was so funny


Em - October 25

I think so. I have had terrible stinkies. It is so bad that I gag from them. My dh wanted Taco Bell last night so of course we got lots of burritos. Holy cow!


Laverne - October 25

Yes! I am farting like a truck driver. This is going to be a long 9 months!


Renee - October 25

I have been having the worst smelling farts for weeks now! I don't eat any beans but I wonder if my prenatal vits are doing this to me!?


bump it - October 25



f - October 26



b - October 26




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