Does It Feel Like This

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Nikki - February 7

When you ovulation does it feel like mild cramps, yesterday when I went to the bathroom it was very wet a slippery like egg yoke, today not so much, but I have been cramping a little all day , AF is not due until Feb 19th or the 20th.


Kim - February 7

That sounds like ovulation. I am in the same boat as you. I have been cramping on my right side for the past few days and I am ovulating today/tomorrow (I have a fertility monitor and today and tomorrow are my 'peak days'). AF is due around the 21st. If you are trying to conceive and your cycle is regular, this might be your best time to conceive as well. Good luck!


Jasmine - February 8

I had a silimar question when you wipe and it's alot of clear discharge is that your time to try cause if so I think I missed it I didn't have s_x that night but the next night I just want to know if I missed my chance. A little cramping here too. I'm also due Feb 20th.


Jasmine - February 8

Anybody ?????


hi - February 8

Yes egg white is a sign of ovulation if u had s_x b4 u could still stand a chance! Im ovulating at min and suffering pulling so good luck 2 u all xx


deb - February 8

Sounds like you did ovulate yesturday. According to a book I read that is exactly what will happen when you ovulate. And if you are just getting off birth control then my doc told me that the crampy feeling is your ovaries trying to wake up and because they have been sleeping for so long it may be a bit crampy but not real bad. And if you are due to have AF on 19th or 20th you should be right on for ovulation from my knowledge anyway. Hope this helps!


Nikki - February 8

deb, thanks for your response I hope I am able to come back and share some good news about my BFP !!!!


S5 - February 9

Yes eggwhite shows up right at the time of ovul.That is how you will know when you would be fertile the few days before and maybe one day after( if your lucky two) the cervical mucus changes from creamy white (kinda dry creamy holds shape to then thinner light in color but not transparent yet then it should go to eggwhite) this is what I have learnt in my years of trying. I am having a harder time this time though. but anyways hope this might help though. i have been preg.6 times and have 3 beautiful boys.and am hoping for another little one.



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