Does It Sound Like I Could Be Pregnant

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startingtowonder - December 20

Hi, I'm new to all of this. My boyfriend and I have been together about 3 years and just recently started having s_x. I am not ready for a baby yet...i started taking the pill but it made me vomit, so i tried the patch and the ring which also made me get sick. so....for now we've just been using condoms. night about a week and a half ago we had s_x but didnt have condoms available. he didn't go inside me or anything, but he came awfully close to it once or twice. i usually have a pretty regular period, 27-29 days, and out 'incident' occured on what i think was day 16 of my cycle. anyway - some people say prec_m can get you pregnant and other say it can't. i'm getting concerned because i'm very very very tired. like, i can't get out of bed in the morning and by 6 at night i'm ready to just crash. and i have cramps that i never get until i've already started. i'm also moody and hungry but feeling full in the stomach at the same time. i just dont know. could i be?? what are the odds? thanks so much for your help....sorry this is so LONG!


startingtowonder - December 20

oh, and i forgot to mention that i'm not late yet - but i am due to start in 4 days. its really strange that i'm cramping already......i have never had cramping like this.


roxyfemme03 - December 21

Well I have the same symptoms and I don't want to tell my husband because I am scared. I'm waiting til after the holidays. Just wait and it will all be good.


lastchance - December 21

Day 16 could be in your fertility window.... take the day your period is due to come back and subtract 14..... anywhere in a 5 day period from that day you could be fertile... more likely the 4 days before the 14 days... so 18 days b4 your period is due, 17 days b4 period is due, 16 days before period is due... until 13 days before your period is due....


Grandpa Viv - December 21

Af due 12/24, ovulation likely 12/10, s_x 12/09 would be right on the money. If you went several rounds of pull-out, it is quite possible he had enough s____n left from one go to cause pregnancy the next. Tired, weird cramps, appet_te, emotional are good signs for a start. Look for more peeing, lotion discharge, unusually ga__sy, dreams, acne, b___bs different etc in the next few days. Test Christmas morning first am pee and again New Year's day if need be. Dollar Store tests work fine. Good luck!


startingtowonder - December 21

Thank you very much for your responses! Yeah...roxyremme03, maybe i will follow your lead and not say anything to my bf until after christmas. I wont know for sure until then anyway - no sense in getting him anxious about it until i find out, right? i'm just sooooooo tired. and i got up last night 3 times to go pee in the middle of the night. i dont know if its all in my head or what, but i'm kind of getting this feeling that i am and i can't shake it. i dont know how to explain it, i just FEEL pregnant. sorry if that sounds stupid i just dont know how else to explain it. anyway thanks so much for your help - i'll keep you posted!


startingtowonder - December 23

every time i brush my teeth i almost throw up. my gag reflexes are really sensitive. if i wanted to take a test, when is the earliest i would get an accurate result? i just really want to know....does it seem like this is all in my head?


mjvdec01 - December 23

Sounds like you could test monday morning, with first morning urine. I would try a First Response, they are very sensitive and reliable. If you can't find a First Response, then I would look for and EPT. Good luck!


startingtowonder - December 24

oh my gosh.....i got bfp! i am in shock! it was dark and appeared within seconds. what are the odds?? i guess prec_m really DOES have sperm in it! i dont know what to do with myself now....haha i'm seriously amazed. thanks for your help those of you who responded! merry christmas!


DUDA - December 24

congrats! hopefully i get mine too! what were some of your symptoms?


startingtowonder - December 24

thanks duda! i still really can't believe i'm pregnant...are false positives very common? i just feel EXACTLY like my period should be here and full-boar. i've had cramping the last week or so, way earlier than i would normally get them and lots of headaches and being extremely tired. also sometimes nauseas...usually at night or when i haven't eaten for a while. lots of headaches. what do i need to do now? i totally wasn't expecting this - do i need to make a doctor's appt right away or can i wait a while? thanks!


b__terfly kisses - December 24

hey congrats to you! What a wonderful xmas surprise! It's not urgent to be seen right away, but if your obgyn is anything like mine, they may be booked for several weeks, so it may be a good idea to call them and let them know, they may also want to send you for a blood test to confirm! :o)



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