Does Late Mean Pregnant

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Lulu - March 18

I am 4 days late and took a test that came back neg. I am usually right on time. I dont have any PMS signs OR PG signs. Do you think it was b/c Feb was a short month?


mika - March 18

could be


jena - March 18

try again in a few days - you may be, you may not be pg, but it's worth another try, especially if you are late! good luck! :)


Michelle - March 18

Do you know when you ovulated? You should try and wait at least 19 days after ovulation. Anything earlier could be a false negative. I still always test earlier though. The amount of Hcg will double every 2-3 days if you are pregant so to save money you might want to only test every third day.


Lulu - March 19

well another day has past and still no af. i have a big headache and scared to take anything and i feel wet all the time (sorry). What ya'll think? (yes, im from Louisiana)


jena - March 19

i'm kind of in the same boat - i'm 6 days late and wet all the time too - everyone says i'm just stressed, but i don't really feel stressed! Lulu, you should wait a couple days and take another test - I'll do one Sunday night I think becuase then I'm a week late (well, a week and 12 hours if I want to be exact, but who's counting?) :) best of luck!


Lulu - March 20

Good luck to you Jena. Let me know the results on this board when you take the test. I will most likely take the test on Monday and if it's still neg, i'll wait a week then have a blood test. I still have no concrete symptoms of pregnancy.


D - March 20

LuLu.....I normally get AF on the 20th, but because Feb was a short 2 days, I'm due on the 22nd this month, so yes, I think you're on the right track. Count 14 days (or whatever your cycle is, mine is 16)...don't go by the "date"...count days instead...Good luck!!!


Lulu - March 20

D, thanks for the advice. I'm trying hard not to get stressed out by this and make AF be even later if im not PG. And it is so hard to have that test in the bathroom and not take it!


Alexa - March 20

My boyfriend and I have been together for more than 2 1/2 years and have been using the pull out method the whole time with no problem. I suddenly realized a few days ago that I missed my period! I am now on day 36 of my cycle, should have gotten my period about 8 days ago. Then I realized that we had s_x (he pulled out) on a day I was fertile last month. I've been peeing a lot, my appet_te has been insatiable, and I've been feeling a lot of slight cramping, not period like cramping but different, like little twinges in my lower abdomen, for about the past week. I also felt a little nausous today and last night. No other symptoms. I took a test on Friday and it was negative. Also, we had s_x yesterday and I noticed a little bit of old brown blood. I wonder if it may have been some old implantation blood that got dislodged. I wouldn't mind being pregnant, I've been feeling ready for a baby, but I know my boyfriend wouldn't want me to be. He's been having a lot of money problems lately. I guess if I don't get it in another week I'll take another test. Do you guys think I'm pregnant?


Lulu - March 20

I'm getting excited. 6th day past due for af and starting to have lower back pain and peeing alot. Wish me luck and good luck to all of yall.


Jena - March 20

hey Lulu- i hope you are pg. I actually took a test last night (Sat) and it was negative again. But today I have bad heartburn, constipation, stomach pains, etc. so I'm still not convinced. I think I'll get a blood test by maybe Thursday if I still haven't gotten AF. Good luck to you!!!


Jena - March 20

Alexis - you could be - have you taken a test yet? take one now and then again in a week.. you have some signs but you just never know! you could be, could not be. good luck though!


Lulu - March 21

UGH!! this is so frustrating. I took another HPT this morning with fmu and still neg. This is now the 7th day with no af. Ladies, what should I do?


Lulu - March 21

well, I spoke to my Dr's nurse and she said if i dont start af by the end of the week, to make appt for blood test. She said something about giving me something to start my period if the blood test is neg...has anyone heard of this?


Jena - March 21

Lulu- yes, I have heard of that before. if the blood test is negative they can give you meds to start your period so that you can move onto your next cycle and start trying again. i don't like that idea though because (and here I am being stubborn) what if the blood test is wrong? but then again, you want either baby or period! i'm 8 days late - going in for a blood test today - I feel like we are in the same boat! good luck to you!!


Lulu - March 21

Good Luck to you too Jena! I want baby. If it's neg, should I deny that medicine? Wouldn't that medicine cause a spontaneous abortion if i were PG? I dont get it!



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