Does Pregnancy Come With Change In CM During 2 WW

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Kathleen - October 27

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 7:09 am Post subject: does pregnancy mean change in CM during 2 WW? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- h__lo to all of you! I could use some info from women you have gotten their BFPs During your 2 WW did you notice any change in your CM? Were you dry while you were normally "wet" before AF? Or the opposite? I'm asking because I'm afraid the pattern is that when you have conceived things are supposed to be reversed so you notice signs you don't normally have when AF is due. Which leads me to think I haven't conceived again as CM looks the same as when AF is due Thank you for any feedback xxx


brandy - October 28



gwen - October 29

Kathleen, I wish I had an answer for you, but I'm wondering the same thing, my cm has completely dried up this time. 3dpo I was drying up, 4dpo it was completely gone. I hope more replies comes to this, specially with those who've had bfps. Take care, and hope we get answers as well as bfps soon. BTW, when is horrible af supposed to arrive? Me, 1st or 2nd.


hi Gwen and Brandy - October 29

I thought cm dried up a bit before af, and as mine has slightly was dreading af coming(tuesday) but tested all the same and got a bfp on 10dpo(yesterday) tested again today BFP still.yippeee. so you cant always rely on cm dryness. GOOD LUCK LADIES dont give up hope......


gwen - October 29

to "hi Gwen and Brandy" - Congratulations!!!! Thank you for taking your time to reply to us. :-) I'm very happy for you and, yes gave me hope, however, this morning, I woke up and sorry tmi, going potty, I wiped and got cm with brown blood in it, have no idea what it could be other than af, however it is early, I'm not due for af until 11-1 - 11-2, and I'm NEVER EVER EARLY. Put a pad on and nothing since. Feel as if af is coming any day, and this flu is driving me insane. So, who knows. Thank you so much, and h&h 9 months!!!



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