Does Shorter Periods Reduce The Chance Of PG

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Sho - November 16

Hi, I have realized that through my twenties my period has gotten shorter and shorter. When I got pregnant the first time around my period was around 5-6 days in length. Now, age 27 my periods are only about 1-2 days long. I was just wondering if anybody knows if this reduces the chance of pregnancy. BTW- I am new to this board and quite excited about finding it. My AF is due on the 19th and I am hoping it does not come :) thanks, Sho


JK - November 16

I'm 29 and I do remember in my early 20's period did last a few days longer. I would say they lasted about 6/7 days. Now they last about 3/4. I'm not sure about 1-2 though, that does seem awful short. How long has it been this way? Because I've heard that if you have a much shorter period, it's sometimes mistaken for a period when in fact it may have been implantation bleeding. How long have you been ttc? **Baby Dust** Good Luck!


Sho - November 16

Hi JK, This has been going on for the last several months. I am not quite sure why it is happening. I usually have quite horrible cramps and then a period for 1-2 days ** 2 days max. I only started ttc this last month (october). So I was hoping this would be my lucky month...however, I don't think I will be that lucky. I have to stop myself from testing to early...I have had 3 bfn. Thanks for your story and hopefully my case will not be an issue.


?? - November 16

This is a very good question! I myself used to have periods that were 5-6 days long and now they are about 2-3 days long (usually the 1st or 3rd day is just spotting). I am 19 years old. I started my period yesterday and had cramps that were so horrible that I had to take some pain reliever (bad cramps have always been normal for me). Now my period looks like it is about to stop(its only the 2nd day). It has been doing this the past several months too.


Jessica - November 16

That is a very good question Sho. I am going through the same thing for the past two months. I am usually 6 days exactly but for the past two months It has only been 2 days normal then just brown spotting. the only difference last month was that my cramps were mild but it only lasted 2 days after that I spotted brown discharge. I hope someone can answer the question because that does worry me to know if this would reduce my chances of pregnancy.


bump - November 17

Does anyone know the answer to this question. Please answer.


? - November 17

to whoever-are you bumping up your own question by using a different is awfullly strange how the past posts start with the same sentence---THIS IS A VERY GOOD QUESTION!. .....??????


Chas - November 17

I would like to know that too ! my periods have only been 1-2 days. I have been ttc for a year this month !! Anyone ????


bump - November 17



Jeanette - November 17

Ok, I used to have longer periods when I was younger too. But mine were quite a bit longer than you young'uns. They averaged 8-9 days. Now in my thirties they have shortened to 5-6 days, but I have had 2 babies in my thirties, so I guess it doesnt make a difference.At least in my case. What you should be concerned about is when you ovulate, and trying to pinpoint it so you can bd at the right time. is a great site to get you started tracking your cycles and ovulation days. Hope this helps.



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