Does The Second Line Have To Get Darker

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tritty - June 5

so i keep reading that when people first get their bfp (if it's very faint) and they keep testing every few days generally the second line gets darker and darker. well, my second line hasn't been getting "darker" but it shows up much faster. does it make a difference? i guess i'm just afraid of m/c and was wondering if a dark line was a sign of more of the right pregnancy hormones.


Emily - June 5

not all 2nd lines will get darker. If yours aren't, it just probably means that you had enough hcg in your urine on the first test. The fact that the line somes up faster is also a good sign that your hcg is rising. There is more now so the test picks it up faster. In theory anyway. Sometimes it just means that the particular test is a tad bit more of less sensitive or have more or less dye than the first in a case where the lines are darker or lighter on later tests. Dont worry too much about m/c. I have had one and it is no fun, but this early in the game, there really is nothing you can do but hope and pray. You have enough to worry about with out adding to it. Enjoy a healthy and happy 9 months.


Lin - June 5

The sensitivities of pregnancy tests vary quite a bit, even between those made in the same batch, because the amount of the chemical reagents varies slightly from test to test. Therefore, you won't always see a pattern quickly. Eventually they will get darker, but there's no reason to stress about it if they don't at the start.


tritty - June 5

thanks ladies. i won't worry, that doesn't help anything anyhow and emily you're right, there's nothing i can do to prevent it. i'm doing everything i know to be healthy and the rest is up to God. thanks again, i should just proably stop testing (it just still seems unreal since i haven't had a dr's appt yet)


KimS - June 5

Hey Tritty.. I know what you mean about keeping testing, I got my BFP on Friday night.. and every day I keep testing, this morning I told dh yup still pregnant.. he laughed... but it just feels so unreal!!


PamG - June 5

Mine is the same way. Very faint and all my pregnancies are this way. I get faint lines and test and test and test and still very faint. With my last 2 pregnancies I didn't show dark positive until 6-7 weeks pregnant. I feel I'm pregnant again but I'm only testing slight positive on one test. The New Choice test from the dollar stores. I've tested quite a few times too and they are all slight. positives. I'm trying to hold off testing until Father's Day weekend now.



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