Does This ALWAYS Result In Miscarriage

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~m~ - February 27

I am 5 weeks with a history of miscarriage. Last Monday, my hcg was 87. By Friday morning, it was 490... everything looking great. On Friday I had a lot of abdominal "tightening"..... almost felt like Braxton Hicks, but I'm only 5 weeks. Saturday morning I had some extremely light spotting. Barely pink tinged CM. It scared me, so I went to the ER. My levels were at 232. He gave me paperwork on miscarriage, and in my head I know that's what is happening. But my heart is still hoping and holding on. Has anyone ever heard of dropping HCG that DIDN'T result in miscarriage? I sitll haven't started bleeding and it is Sunday morning. Nor have I started any intense pain.


MandyD - February 27

~m~ has your dr had you take progesterone to help hold the pregnancy before?


SugarPie - February 27

I went to regular Google and couldn't find anything. So I came back here and did a search.. read this link: I'll post more as I find more answers. Love to you. If you need anything we're here. Okay?


MandyD - February 27

Glad to hear you're being so positive about it ~m~!! I pray that everything will be okay for you tomorrow. It does sound promising that you haven't experienced any cramping or bleeding yet. Is this the 1st time they've put you on Prometrium? Honey, enjoy yourself and let your husband spoil you rotten!! Do your best to just relax and stay positive! I'll be looking for your post tomorrow after you visit the dr! Good luck again!! BIG HUGS TO YOU!


~m~ - February 27

Thank you MandyD!! Hubby is in the shower right now, so I'm going to go get ready myself. I hope if nothing else, I can at least keep my mind off of everything. I posted this in 2 other forums, too (yeah, I'm kindof a___l! LOL).... and in one of them, a lady told me it was a few days before her bleeding and cramping started. Common sense tells me it's coming, but I just can't help but keep living like I am pregnant...... miracles happen! I'll talk to you girls tomorrow! :o)


Serena - February 28

Hope you are doing okay. I was in a similar boat last fall. Went to ER Friday and hcg levels had dropped (I forget the levels now).I had been feeling like c___p for 2 days. Went home and Saturday I suddenly felt better. Then woke up Sunday to a pool of blood :( Went for an internal u/s and everything looked okay after. I was 7 weeks when this happened. *hug* hope you have better news but don't panic!


AmyF - February 28

When your levels are dropping it is not a good sign.


Nancy - February 28

Guess who's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~m~ - February 28

Hi everyone! I am posting my update in Gen Preg Ques. :o)


Lauren - February 28

~m~ I wish the very best for you, I really do. You're being so strong right now, and often, strength is what pulls people out of the darkest of pits, and enables them to pull through. Keep fighting this. Miracles can, and do, happen. God Bless you x



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