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Veronica - April 8

I have like literally 5 friends pregnant at this very moment. I feel like I am surrounded by babies everywhere. Anyways one of my friends got pregnant on her period. Another one got pregnant 5 days before her period but still managed to start the upcoming period even tho it was late. Another one got pregnant a week after her period. The other two I am not to sure on but two of my pregnant friends had the quantative test done at 2 and 3 weeks pregnant and were told they weren't. Sometimes HCG levels are not high enough in some women yet. Raven, my one friend, couldn't get a positive until she was 6 weeks. My point is that not all blood test are accurate if taken to early. Not all home tests are accurate and YES you can conceive when you are not ovulating. Stranger things have happened girls. Don't give up hope. If you feel that you are pregnant and I mean REALLY feel that you are and not just very well may be. Just be patient and give it time. Best Wishes to everyone.


Alison - April 8

Wow-that's wierd isn't it! I guess everyone is different and you can never just a__sume based on other's experiences because it might not be the same case for you? I know how you feel being surrounded by babies in this past year while we've been TTC and having 2 miscarriages no less than 11 people we know (friends, colleagues & 1 relative) have had babies/are pregnant now! We'll get there though and when we do it will be wonderful **sigh!** Wishing you the best too Veronica I presume you're probably trying as's to a BFP and happy, healthy pregnancy for you! xxx


stacey - April 8

thanks for the info :)


milissa - April 8

Well I have something like that too. I am 7wks and I can only get a positive after the time limit on those stupid home test. I dont care if it is after the time limit, if you are pregnant your pregnant. Point is, it would not come up if you were not. You will have an evap line of course but if it is in color then your pregnant! You have to know the difference. good web site is!


hi - April 8

actually, you can NOT get pregnant without ovulation..... what you mean to say is that ovulation doesn't always come at the same time every time. but you cannot get pregnant without an egg.... and you cannot have an egg without ovulation. therefore, your pals had to have ovulated days after period, etc. hope this helps



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