Does This Mean I M Pregnant

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julieannebird - March 13

My husband and I decided to start trying for a baby last month. My period is due on March 16. Yesterday my br___ts (especially the right one) started tingling - sort of painful, and my moods are out of control. We decided to test, even though it was 4 days early. I tested twice - with about a 3-5 hour urine hold on each. Got a VERY VERY faint positive line. So - I decided to buy a First Response test. This morning (16 hours after my first "positive") I tested again. ANOTHER faint line that came up in about 2 minutes. Am I pregnant?


tiffani - March 13

Congratulations julieannebird, it sounds as if you're pregnant. A positive is a positive, no matter how faint the line. I bet if you test again tomorrow, the line will be even darker. The same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago, and i'm now around 6 weeks pregnant.(will find out tomorrow exactly how far along I am ) :o)


Serenna - March 13

The exact same thing happened to me, one month of trying and a very very faint positive. So i couldn't believe it. Make an appt. with the dr and get some prenatal care, and start takin prenatal vitamins if u haven't already. Good lucke!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!





Kathy - March 13

Congrats!!!!!!!!! Who knew sore b___bs would be a thing we would all be looking forward to (lol) I have a question about which test is best. I am trying to wait till thur to test. Which ones have you guys had the most luck with?? I keep reading about the dollar tree ones.


Dawn - March 13

Kathy, I hear First Response is the best Preg Test...they test for 20-25 hgl levels.....some of the others test for 50+. Good luck to all!!


Dawn - March 13

Julieannebird...congratulations!!! Any line on that test, as long as it was read within the 10 minute window, is a positive that you're pregnant. I had thought I was pregnant last month and took the test and set it aside. I went back and read it an hour later and there was a line...I thought I was pregnant, but then I read about evaporation lines, which are lines that can form on the test after a lump sum of time and that's a false reading. Good luck!


Kathy - March 14

Dawn- Thanks I will give that one a try



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