Does This Pain Sound Right

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Erin - March 31

During the past few months I think I have touched my br___ts more than my husband has to check if they are sore. :-) And sometimes I thought "well, maybe". But my sister said when they're sore you wont have to touch them, you'll know! Well, this morning I woke up and just my right br___t was sore. And it was a different pain than I had expected or checked for. It felt like a sharp pain that started in the center of my br___t and shot to my nipple. When my nipple gets hard because of the cold, or even when I sneezed, I experiences this pain. Is this a normal type of pain if it's a pregnancy symptom? It's just different than anything I've experienced or expected.


Angie - April 1

Erin I'm not sure if it is a sign of pregnancy or not, but I know when I was pregnant I had the exact same symptom. It hurt really bad and I thought it was odd. It almost felt like I had a lightning bolt coming out of my nipple. Hope this helps and you are in fact pregnant. Good luck hon.. ***baby dust to you***


Erin - April 1

A lightening bolt is a good description! How far along were you when you started to feel this?


lyla - April 1

I have that feeling time to time. It started from my b___st toward my nipple. I thought that it was strange because everyone always talks about pain being only in the nipple. And I don't remember any nipple pain with my DD. Im pregnant again so I think that its a good sign.


Angie - April 1

Erin actually I noticed it about a week before AF was due. I know my body and my b___sts were sore and had even grown.. Small b cup here.. finally fit into that C cup.. YEAH.. lol.. So I knew I was pregnant before she even came.. lol.. good luck hon.


Erin - April 2

That gives me hope this month. Did you find that it would go away for most of the day, but occasionally still get the twinges of pain to let you know it was still happening? Or was it always there?


Bump - April 2



. - April 3



stacey - April 3

I'm only 4 days past ovulation, but my nipples are killing me! Same feeling- lightning bolt. it started in right one last night, now in both. Areola's are getting a bit darker, and my nipples, first were white on the tips, are now a very dark red. They also seem to have little bumps on them. I know it is early- implantation wouldn't have even happened yet, so I'm wondering- could it be b/c I wore a shirt last night w/ no bra? Hmmm


louise - April 3

wearing a bra to bed restricts your gorwth in the b___st area. i would advise you didnt wear a bra to bed because it gives your breats more of a chance to develop properly and if you are pregnant your b___sts need to do that


stacey - April 3

Oh, I didn't mean to bed, I had a shirt on at night- party that wouldn't work with a bra on underneath- a tank w/o support. Hubby seems to think I have a material burn on them.


Brit - April 4

This is so weird...I have had the same type of pain in my b___bs does feel like a bolt of lighting from the center of the b___st to the nipple. I am hoping this is a good sign since many of you have had it too.


stacey - April 4

today I had a dip in temp. and my back is achy, b___bs themselves feel different, and had a slight bloody nose. I am hoping this could be it!!


L. - April 4

Yep, I had the bloody nose, too. That's a definite sign, unless you take alot of aspirin which makes your blood thin and you get a bloody nose. Also the finger-poking in your belly b___ton, that's a sure sign.


stacey - April 4

I got the finger poke, but, it was more closer to ovaries.(Had it on both sides)-Now it's jus a constant pain/pressure around bikini line- with creamy cm.



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