Does This Sound Like It Could Be My Miracle

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mg - February 1

My DH and I have been TTC for a year, we both had testing and found out he has sperm problems (questionable since it was one one test),and I only have one ovary that looks healthy. Wehad a first visit at the fert_tlity clinic and are scheduled to start treatment in March. So this month I had my first positive OPK ever!! I "O" between the 22nd-25th (we bedded every day for a week). I had spotting on the 27th and 28th (very light pinkish brown with cervical check). I would expect AF somewhere between the 5th-9th. Since then I have had severe nipple pain and sensitivity, swollen br___ts big time, frequent trips to the bathroom for an upset GI track and peeing all the time. I keep getting waves of nausea, and I am very hungry. I can barely keep my eyes open at work. I have also noticed I feel like I am getting a yeast infection, because of the CM texture. The strange thing is that these are not normal PMS signs for me, normally I have severe br___t pain from O to AF this time they barely hurt at all, just tender under the arm pit and on top by the chest bone, they hurt for a day or so then feel better, then hurt. I just dont know what to think, the odds are against us, but I cant help but to feel something is going on. Do you think this could be our miracle or or just a weird AF cycle??


Grandpa Viv - February 1

emgee, it shure sounds promising. Maybe you will save some clinic money! Try a test first pee Sat 11th if a normal AF has not shown. Good luck!


LN030905 - February 1

Never been pre-Dh and I are ttc, but just wanted to tell you that I honestly believe ANYTHING is possible and praying will help you through anything. Sure others can give you better advice! Good luck!


mg - February 1

Grandpa viv-I am the most impatient person ever, can I test earlier? I thought about taking a test on the 3rd? I am just so scared of being disapointed this month by having AF arrive.


mg - February 1

I started to detect my LH surge on the 21rst and 22nd, it was maybe a shade lighter, I took another opk on the 25th and it was very positive but decreased my the afternoon. My Cm was very clear and abundant egg white on the 23rd and 24th, by the 25th it was like cloudy egg whites, but the 26th I was drying up. I wondered if I surged on 23rd or 24th, O on the 24th- 25th (I had cramps on my R side) and I just caught the end of my LH surge on the 25th. Last months AF was on the 12th and the 16th the previous month, so it would make sense that I would O early and put Af around the 7th or 8th this month right?


mg - February 1

I just took a walmart brand HPT, I think I see a VERY VERY faint positive. Something is there, I am just not sure what to think, I will take another one in the morning with FMU. I have also had an increase in CM this evening, its whitish/yellowish/brownish. I also have mild cramps.


oz - February 1

Its sounds promising mg! My fingers are crossed for you xx


Cindy Johnson - February 1

I really hope you are pg!! Please keep us updated!!


mg - February 2

I took another test this morning, and again something is there but it is so faint I almost think my eyes are playing tricks on me. I really like the walmart brand, I have never receieved an evaporation line or a false positive. If its negative, no matter how you look at it, or what you do to it, its still negative, not even a faint line. This time I just cant be 100% sure I am not seeing something else there. Of course I will not get excited utill I see a fat BFP. I do have mild cramps this morning, so maybe I am going to get AF.


mg - February 2

I just feel horrible, I have cramps in my arms and legs, I feel sick to my tummy, my b___bs feel like they have been kicked over and over, I can hardly stay awake, all I can think about is food, I am irritable as heck, I have AF type cramps and backache everytime I sit down. Maybe I am just getting AF a week early-at this point I hope because I feel like trash.


Patti - February 2

MG, go get a digital test. I got a positive 11 dpo with a digital and a barely there line on a regular the next day (I'm a test freak.) I found it helps to pee in a cup first. You can see if your urine is dark and concentrated before you test. I also felt I had more control by dipping instead of holding it in my urine stream. I got my digital positive in the evening after holding my urine for 4 hours. Good luck and keep us posted!!!!


mg - February 2

My lines are so faint I think I just seeing what I want to see, I will wait untill its a little darker then get a digital. I hope I am!!!


HannahBaby - February 3

keep us posted sweety


mg - February 3

Well I still dont know if I trust my HPT's, they are the dollar stores, and although I have heard great things about them, I have also heard they have bad evap lines, so who knows. I have a lotiony discharge, my b___sts dont feel tender just bruised ( I found out this cycle there is a difference) and I started having mild cramps and backaches two days ago, mostly when I am sitting. So Maybe I am going to get AF? I just dont want to get my hopes up yet. The strange thing is normally my cervix is very soft and open all threw my cycle, this cycle after I O'd a couple days later it got harder, VERY closed and high, I have never had that before AF.


mg - February 3

Please keep responding I really need your support right now.


Patti - February 3

MG, I'd test again tomorrow. It will have been at least 48 hours, so your hcg would have doubled. Again, I'm swearing by a digital to take the guess work out. The clearblue easy digital is just as sensitive as regulars. I'd bet money you'll get a bfp!!


mg - February 3

I took a digital (walgreens brand) and it was negative. I took the dollar store and first response and both had a very very faint line, I cant tell if they are positives or just evaps, but it was within 10 minutes. So I guess I will just keep waiting.



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