Does This Sound Promising All TTC Share Ur Symptons

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Simran - July 23

Me and hubby are ttc. My last AF was june 29th and I a proper 6days flow. Had s_x from July 12th till July 20th. Though I dont have sore br___t but viginal mucus looks different. Generally when my next AF comes mucus is watery and drips. Today is 22nd and I noticed tissue like mucus which can be stretched and broken on ur fingure. I think my panty shows faint brownish with the mucus and bit yellow. I do pee often but then its raining here so u do pee oftern. Very very mild morning sickness if I eat anything.Stomach feels a liitle full or bloated. Other than these do other symptoms...Wat do u think ?


kimberly - July 24

Well you had enough exposure and should have been during your fertile window, so chances are as good as with any other healthy fertile couple, which is about a 35% chance each month. Unfortunately it is too hard to say. I got a positive when pregnant with my daughter at 12 days past ovulation using a early first response, you could wait a day or two and see what it says. Good luck!


Simran - July 25

I am just keeping my fingures crossed Kimberly. My AF is not due before 29th but I am always delayed by 5-10 days. I dont know if this means anything but from the past 2days I notice just my left nipple hurting and its a little hard to touch. Also gas has increased ( I am not a gasy person). Very mild morning sickeness if I eat anything and yes urination frequncy has also incresed a bit.


Naomi98 - July 28

Hi Simran, i just got a BFP about 10 days ago at 18dpo and my main symptoms beforehand were sore b___bs that didn't let up when af was due and a change in CM. Normally mine is also really watery and lotion-like before af but this time it dried up a little and was thicker. Also I had spotting a day before af was due, then felt nauseous the day af was due and was CERTAIN it was coming. I had period cramps all that day and the next but it never arrived. It's true what they say, it REALLY felt like AF was going to start any minute. I kept running to the loo but there was nothing happening. Good luck!


Simran - July 28

Congrats Naomi98 I am happy and puts some hope for me. My AF is due tom and yet no sign though in bw I do feel as u said It might come. No major cramps but yes a ittle thick CM. I have to wait till August 8th for a HPT as I am generally late but not more than 10 days. I di test 10 days ago and it was negative but guess it was too early....Wish me luck.


lucy4225 - July 28

my AF is due this week and i have been having prenancy signs or at least i hope it is at this time i am almost scared to even take a breath ,i have had sore b___st ,cramping ,feeling sick at times ,very tired so i have decided maybe it worked this time i had a surge on my OPK on the 16 th lasted 2 days then went lighter i play it worked i have been very dry since then ,but today i felt some kind of sensation in my stomach then a real bloated feeling ran for the bathroom and noticed a little spot about the size of a pea that was pale red almost pink i wanted to cry but now it has been about 5 hrs later and i checked not one drop now so i have hope that AF will understand that i want a child so bad and stay away .if not i just want it to come put me out of misery .i tried a HPT and it only got one pink line just this morning .I do wish you luck it is so hard waiting i hope you get your baby want so bad !!!!


Simran - July 29

Lucy I am sure u long for a baby just as I do. I lost my first born born baby boy at 32 weeks (still born) and have been almost mad to have another one. My Af was due today but so far no signs. Talking abt ur pink blood sounds more of spotting which medically is a good sign indicating implantation. I do wish with all my heart u get a baby soon... I saw a change in my pee today even though drank a lot of water ( bright yellow). Keep me posted lucy.


lucy4225 - July 29

best wishes ,still just spotting here there not much at all to even wear a liner this morning i didnt notice any when i first got up but after i stood awhile i noticed a tiny amount after i wipe .i have been trying to read about implantation but it seems everyone has a diff answer so looks like i will wait and see .just wish i knew !!i think this worries me so so much because of the cramping and backaches i felt ever since i had a OPT come positive now nothing much just a strange tightening that came and went low in pelvis and now it has left since about 2 hrs ago .


Simran - August 1

I have missed by 2 days but as I am generally delayed by 10 days I will wait for 8 more days to do a HPT. What news abt u lucy ?



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