Does Your Body Get Sore When You Become Pregnant

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Hope - March 23

Is one of the signs of pregancy a sore body... especially chest and back? My chest and lower right back are killing me... not to mention the headaches I am getting.


louise - March 23

can be a sign. to help relieve it hot water bottles, plenty of fluid and steamy hot drnks will help in those early days


tina - March 23

the best way to describe what i felt when i first got pregnant was the feeling that i had the flu. achey and sore all over. actually thought thats what it was until someone convinced me to take a test. so yup, it could be a sign. good luck to ya.


Hope - March 23

Thanks for answering guys... Well I have had this puuling pain in my stomachs, especially on the sides..more on the right side though, and I have been getting really bad cramps... My af is dues in a week and I have felt like this for 2 weeks b___sts are really tender and I just started getting headaches alot 2 days ago and they just keep coming... I felt sick all last week but I don't feel sick anymore... I never get cramps unless my af is coming the day after.. I have been getting them for 2 weeks now.... But my lower back is so sore now... and these cramps are pulling my stomach into knots....


Jena - March 23

Hope - have you taken a test yet? Oh, nevermind - wait until your period is due and you hopefully don't get it - then take one bc you have the signs!!


Hope - March 24

Thanks Jena... I know it is too early to take a pregnancy test... but I hate waiting! My lower back is still killing me right now, but it is only the right side near my tail-bone,,,,, and I am still getting cramps.... My chest is really sore and I can't really tell but it looks like my nipples are getting darker and the veins are showing more on my chest... but it could be just in my head! Wish me luck!! I want this soo bad!!


sth - March 24

So the flu "symptoms" are a good sign? I have felt all achey and flu like for the past week..but its another 13 days till af....hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm...maybe i do just have the flu...who knows.



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