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El cheapo - October 12

Okay ladies, what I want to know is if the Dollar store( or Dollar tree), stores' pregnancy tests actually work. I think one of my old friends took it and said it worked. I don't talk to her anymore so I can't just call her up. Has anyone out there used one?


d - October 12

el cheapo...LOL. i have heard yes they do work... i am actually going to go get some tomorrow at dollar tree. I have heard yes.


Dia - October 12

I just found out I am pregnant 2 days ago (yipeee!!) and I used 2 dollar store tests and a 3 pack of first response. I used the dollar store tests first and they popped up positive in about 1 minute and it was very dark...I think they worked better than the FR tests b/c they were much darker. I was 15 dpo and it was the first day after my missed period. I have NO pg symptoms and I coud have SWORN af was on her way! Best of luck!


to Dia - October 12

Congrats. Wish you lots of happiness. El cheapo as i said earlier (d) i am going to go get dollar tree ones tomorrow.. i keep hearing positive things about them


to dia>.. - October 12

hi dia ,congrats .... u wrote that U hadnt preg. symptoms...but u thot AF is coming,what symptoms u had?? as i am 7 dpo and feeling pain in my tummy sore b___bs...


They work - October 12

they do in fact sister tested with one when she missed her af, it showed up pos. right away.... when she went to the dr.'s for her appt. and confirmation, she found out she was for surely preggers. so yeah..they work! i have also heard good things about them. go for it! test with them.


Dia - October 12

My cycle is normally about 34 days long, and I ovulate on day 20. My nipples usually get sore about 10 days before af, then they get unsore and I get af about 3 days later. All that happened (except I didn't get af). I was having some cramping, kind of like a burning/stretching feeling. Since DH and I weren't trying anymore, I didn't even think of pregnancy. Just for fun I tested at 12 dpo and it was BFN. So, I was sure I wasn't pg - didn't even think about it. Then at 14 dpo, I did not get af, and with a long cycle I am never late. So the next day, at 15 dpo, I tested not using first morning urine and I got a very strong BFP! However, my b___bs look the same and feel fine. I am not sick at all and I am not tired (yet). However, I still have achy cramps and I feel very "full" where my uterus it. Also, I am very wet (TMI) and my cervix is extremely high and soft. Other than that, I have nothing. Good luck to all!! Hope this helps you!


Kay - October 12

Yes, I asked my doctor about them. She siad those tests would be similar to a "store brand". And she felt confident in them. She had said if I tested + using it---she would agree!! Good luck.


karen - October 13

i look at it ths way, if a cheap test says yes then i would really believe you had enough hcg to get a positive. congrats to all


Mike - October 13

My wife bought 10 of these the other night. So far, 4 tests say BFN. Her body is wierd. She's had 4 kids and I asked her about symptoms with the previous pregnancies. The only thing she really remembered is that she was light-headed and dizzy with all of them. She turned out to be a gestational diabetic with all 4 pregnancies. Now she's 35 and had a TR in Jan 04. We've been trying off and on. Some months are better than others. It's just that we've gotten our hopes up too many times and we try not to. But inevitably, every symptom somehow becomes a pregnancy symptom during that 2ww. Now, we went on a cruise in Sept and did our share of bd'ing. I thought she had already ovultated before the cruise, but she thinks she 'O' during the cruise. Her AF was sort of moderate on day 1 and not very bringht red, more dark in color but quickly turned dark rust-colored on day 2 and sputtered/spotted the next 2 days. What I mean is that she didn't need a tampon, her period really ended on day 2. So we thought, o.k. maybe. She started having many, many symptoms in the next couple of weeks. You name it, diziness, itching like crazy around her belly, feeling pinching sensations around her pubic bone, aversion to strong odors, GAS. And she doesn't recall 'O''ing this month. Normally she can feel a pain in one side or the other around ovulation, but nothing this month. She has had PMS type cramps off and on these last few days and woke up last night itching like crazy. She woke me up but she does't remember at all. Anywho, she's taken 1 FRED and about 4 or 5 $ store tests which are all BFN. When she was pregnant with her kids, she got BFN and then when she missed her period twice, she went to the doctor. She never tested when she missed her period. We really don't want to get a blood test done as we have done this twice and, sure enough, as soon as they draw blood she starts AF. So, we are waiting rather impatiently. My only fear is that perhaps the "change" is starting to happen. Maybe not full b__wn but periomenopause. I know it is early for her age, but it is something to keep tucked away. We are praying though that AF doesn't show and that she is preggers.


To Mike - October 13

I hope you get what you want. I will be thinking of you....


Ashley - October 13

I have used them before but it was after i had gotten 2 BFP's from Answer HPT.....I took it just because i wanted to see if it worked....and it did....i just think that your hcg levels have to be high in order for it to work.


Mother of one, but it's been t - October 14

Or you can call me(El Cheapo). Thank you to everybody who took the time to write in. I did take the Dollare Store test and it came up neg. Damnit!!! It's the wrong time,(according to my boyfriend, but I still want one anyways). Oh, by the way, for anyone expecting, or for great baby/infant gifts, I just browsed this magazine "One Step Ahead". I thought it was wonderful.(


Mother of one, but it's been t - October 17

Okay, it's me again. I took another preg. test(yes, from the Dollar Store again) and this time it said pos. I have had some just really weird things going on so I had to take another one. The weird thing is, is that I took the two, two days apart(one neg, the other pos.) This week I'm going to the clinic.


Dia - October 17

Good luck to you! Let us know how it turns out :)


Trying - October 17

You know, I tried about 5 of those dollar store test when I was 5-10 days late for my period and they all came out negative, I decided when I was 14 days late that they must not work so I went out and spent the whole 8 bucks on First Response 2pack, and those tests turned out with a VERY faint positive.... I mean I'm talking I was getting ready to throw it away coz I couldnt see anything when my husband asked "ok what if its SO light that its just barely there?" I went to the doctor and it was confirmed I was pregnant, maybe the tests just dont work for me.


Mother of one, but it's been t - October 21

Hey everybody. Well I posted this question a week or so ago. Since then, I found out from a clinic, that I defenitely am pregnant!!!! My man and I are really discussing what to do now though. I want it and he does too, but he's hundreds of miles away(at a training academy) and I'm planning to move in maybe spring of 2006, but he'll miss everything until then. We actually see eachother every other wknd., but are there really clinics that are open on the wknds? He'll arrive here late on Fridays(long drive) and be here Sat. and leave again on Sundays, that's how it works. He wants this too, just not right now. He also went to an abortion site and studied up on what I'd have to go through (on that path) if we decide that. I've already had one(years ago) and I'm not against it, but NEVER want to go through that again. We have no idea what to do(we're both of age, late 20's and that's not a problem, but this whole deal is putting such a strain on our relationship-We're getting along and everything, but our conversations are just so sad and dry. This was supposed to be a happy thing. We are planning an engagement soon, and I'll move over there soon, but this is the worst ultimatum ever. Keep it and do it mostly on my own and have him miss out(it would be his 1st kid), or get an abortion suffer from the physical and emotional pain, regret, feeling like a terrible person etc......Any advise?



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