Dollar Store Test

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wifey711 - June 25

I took a 2 cvs test on friday night and they were both very faint bfps . I took a cvs ept got a bfn sat .. then today took a dollar store test got a faint bfp then it completley went away ! anyone have advice im goin nuts !!!!!!


Emma2 - June 25

Youre pregnant! Congrats! Wait a few days and go get a blood test to confirm. Although tests claim to detect small amounts sometimes they just don't do the same job as the cheaper one. Don't sweat it ...


Rhonda - June 25

Emma2 is right,T he cheap ones are more sensetive.You are preggers.congrats.


LadyD - June 26

I personally know someone that's used those tests & I've seen the results with my own eyes...CONGRATS!!


shalyn - June 26

wifey711 I tested this morning with 3 dollar store tests and got 3 bfps. I went to the docs and got a negative but they said their test may not be as sensitive as the dollar store test so they want me to take a blood test. I then went and got a first response and it was positive too, so I think the dollar store tests really do work. Good Luck!


tiffani - June 26

Sounds like you'e pregnant to me! Congratulations! :o)


wifey711 - June 26

I took a first response this morning BFP ! So im finally convienced ( after 4 tests ) I have extreme nausea and i just havew that preg feeling ( if u have been preg before u kno exactly what it is ) so thanks ladies for the help . I was confused b/c the line showed up then went away so i was upset but this one ruled it out .


meadow - June 26

well wifey, you just gave me a little hope because i got faint lines on the dollar tree test for the past 2 days. I'm gonna test again on the 28th. thanks. : ) congrats!


Suzy0117 - June 27

I first found out I was pregnant with the Dollar Tree tests, and they are a mixed blessing because I've read that evap lines are really common with them. So, I was going crazy trying to figure out whether it was a bfp or an evap! Turns out, it was a bfp, so I think I didn't give the test enough credit! I found, though, that with a bfp on the tests, sometimes they do fade as they dry.


LadyD - June 27

I just took a $1 test- bfn for me. I am on CD35, usually have a 32 day cycle, give or take a day. Don't know what's up but good luck to all.



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