Dollar Store Test

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jen - August 7

has anyone ever taken a dollar store test ? i did and i have a faint + has anyone ever had this please help


Grandpa Viv - August 7

Faint positive on any test means probably pregnant - start taking prenatal vitamins. Take another test in a few days and if it gets darker it is time to call the clinic. There is nothing wrong with the Dollar Store tests. Good luck!


jen - August 7

thank you thank you i have been taking vitamins and calcium


nervousttc - August 7

a girlfriend of mine used one to detect her pregnancy when she was 1 day late for her period. They do work!! I just bought 4 of them. Figured for that price, I would stock up!! :) Oh, & a big fat (probably) congrats to ya!!


jen - August 7

thank you and thank you again i will test again in a couple days hope all yours say +


LadyJ - August 7

Congrats! I tested with an expensive digital test and got a BFN. Then I used a dollar store test 5 days later and got a BFP. The line was so faint I almost didn't notice it before I threw the test away. I used another dollar store test the next morning using FMU and got a somewhat darker line. Guess I was too early with the digital test. I also noticed on the box that the dollar store test was more sensitive (detects 25+ hgc levels) than the expensive name brand digital one (detects 40+ hgc levels)!


pam - August 7

what is a dollar store test?


@->----- - August 7

it's called a baby pregnancy test, you get them at the dollar store. anyone ever notice evap lines on those test before????


amanda - August 7

i took a cheap test and i got a very faint neg could i be? plus i have all signs of p.g. but im still getting my peroid please help email me or something [email protected] anyone please


@@@@@@@@@ - August 8

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P.S. I AM PREGGERS - August 8

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