Dollar Tree HPT

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Steff - May 4

Where is Dollar Tree? USA only? All over?? Just trying to find cheap tests. Thanks :) Baby Dust!! I am in Ottawa, Canada


viv - May 4

we have one, i am in Missouri, usa, i've never tried the tests though. Have you checked to see if they have a website?


Steff - May 4

That's what I'm doinf as we type. :) They seem to be only in the US. I'll Call Buck or Two (seems to be the cnadian equilalent)


MEL - May 4

Hey Steff, Im also from Ottawa, and I found some HPT in a dollar store here !!! I can't remember the name off hand, I will check tonight....Just want to let you know that we can find then in Canada...They work because I made a friend of mine use one (she's 13 weeks)...


anya - May 4

I am in Georgia. I used $ store brand HPT. They worked pretty fine. they gave me a pink line both times.


Just a suggestion - May 4

If you are going to use the one at the $ stores, buy a couple of them. The reason they are so cheap is because they are the manufactures non-retail sellable items. If they run tests & find a lot of tests that have too many faulty tests than they will sell them for cheap to these $ stores to recover some of the loss. Same with food. Doesn't necessarily meet thier standards but is still fit for consumption... Good luck everyone! Oh... If you are looking for a different place to get cheap tests you can try ebay. You find the same ones they have on but are much cheaper!


Steff - May 4

I would definatly buy a bunch.... 10 @ $1 is better than 1 @ $13.... Mel: Let me know where you got them, PLEASE!! That would be great!!! I'll be around :)


dm - May 4

i'm in south carolina and we have one but i've heard some people on here talk about something similar to the dollar tree in canada. not exactly sure where though. i hear great things about their hpts though.


Wendy Pena - May 4

They have a dollar tree here in Merced CA You can find pregnancy test.


Steff - May 4

I am in Canada


stacey - May 4

Here's the address and phone #, maybe you can and ask them if there is one in Canada. Baby Test" & "New Choice" sold at Dollar Tree/Dollar General (same test) 25 mIU 1-800-351-0177 Sales Enterprises Inc. 12361 Wilkins Ave. Rockville, MD 20852



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