Dollar Tree Test

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Jenny - November 9

I wanted to find out how accurate the dollar tree test are. What are some opinions on them.


Em - November 9

I personally have never used them becasue my dollar tree doesn't carry them, but I have heard they are okay. Sometimes they are not as sensitive as some of the name brand ones so it may take more hormone in the urine to show a positive result. Also I have heard that they are more likely to have evap lines, so be sure not ot read it after the time limit is up. (ussually 10 minutes) Good luck


Disagree with EM - November 9

The Dollar Tree test is very reliable. It test with 25ml of HCG in urine versus some of the other that test minumim of 40ml of HCG in urine. The only that is more sensitive is the FRER (First Response Early Result), and the internet cheapies. I hope that this help. You can also visit the and it compared the reliability of numerous HPT, and the Dollar Tree is well recommended.


Cindy - November 9

I believe if you go to It will show you the results of alot of the HPT's that are out there.


Tatyana - November 9

This is my third pregnancy and instead of going to the doctors two days after I misses my period I went to Dollar tree bought the test and it showed positive 5-10 minutes later. Now I am on my eight month. Why speand $10 or more for the same answer.


Steph - November 9

I just got my BFP on Sunday and I took a Dollar Tree test, and it came up positive within 15-30 seconds. Then I took 2 more just to be sure!!!


Jen - November 9

My girlfriend used them and hers were accurate.


Jenny - November 9

Thanks for the help. Will the test show up if your test two days before your period? I Took one last night and bfn, I was due for af yesterday.


Steph - November 9

My af was due on Sat. and I took the $ test on Sunday afternoon and got my BFP so it can come as early as the day after your af was supposed to start. Good luck to you.


Jenny - November 9

congrads to you Steph, mabe it was just to early for me.


mellissa - November 9

with my last two pregnancies i got bfp the day af was supposed to show and i used the dollar tree brand. hope that helps. good luck!!


TM - November 9

I agree with the second comment, they are sensitive to 25ml and when i took mine i got a positive result within 45 secs. I think they are very reliable and you sure can't beat the price!


dawn - November 10

OMG! I was just thinking about going to get one of these! I think I may be pg... I can't remember when I am supposed to get my period this month, but I think it was early this week. I know that's awful! Thanks for the info, I am going to get one today to try it out and see!


cat - November 10

I'm preggo, confirmed it at the drs. but i found out using this dollar tree test. very reliable in my opinion.


Ashley - November 10

I used them and got my BFP but only after i had taken a brand name HPT. they arent very sensitive in my opinion.


Laura - November 12

I took one 2 days before af was due and got BFP.


Hannah - November 12

Laura, did you have any spotting or implantation bleeding ?



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