Dollar Tree Test

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lillybug - April 1

Has anyone gotten an evap line on these test?


lakensmom - April 1

They are giving alot of false positives. You prolly have heard tho. But Im not sure about evaps...sorry.


brads wifey - April 1

Hi Lilly! I'm sorry if this disappoints you, but I've had a ton of evap lines with the dollar tree tests. I had never had them before but lately, I have been getting them before the 10 minutes is even up. It's very irritating! I hope this helps! Good luck and hope you get a true bfp :)


BeckyBunny - April 1

I have never had either, with me they were always just plum negative until I got a faint positive at 18DPO the cycle I got preg. LOL! I have heard though that they are bad for evaps. I hadn't heard anything about false positives with the DT tests.


austynsmommy - April 1

I got a postive when I was only 3 weeks pregnant wiith my son. they always work for me


Grandpa Viv - April 1

Do you live in Nevada with a 10% relative humidity? Are you getting the test wet enough in the first place - maybe the "evap" is just how far the moisture got. Try using the dip method instead. Good luck!


krissy2006 - April 1

Dollar tree tests are INFAMOUS for their evap lines!!! There was never a dollar tree test that I took (until I was actually pregnant) that didn't have some sort of evap line (some sort meaning sometimes they were thin, others thick, sometimes minimal color, other times gray... sometimes they disappeared and sometimes they turned yellow.... ) But yes, dollar tree tests are good for after you have taken a frer!!


lillybug - April 2

Hey girls, and Viv. I've noticed that the test packages for the Dollar Tree test now say FDA on them. and they're smaller. Well I've been using them for 5 cycles now and never got a second line on them, not even an evap line. Yesterday I tested because I missed a second period now. I'm on cycle day 62 and there was a line but sometimes it looked pink maybe its just my eyes. lol So thankx girls!



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