Don T Know What Is Going On With Me

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JenHern - July 31

I had my period June 14th, it was as normal as they come. I am to the day, 28 days, at least I have been for about 2 years. So, I was due July 12th, and on the 10th when I went to the bathroom when I wiped there was bright pink blood, so I figured I was starting my cycle early. The 12th came and went, no bleeding from that one incident. I have constant lower back pains, and slight abdominal cramping for about 4 days. On the 16th, I had what was sort of like a period, only there wasn't a lot of bleeding as usual, more tissue like stuff. This lasted for 2 days, and wasn't heavy at all. Now it's July 31st, I have had lower back pain for almost a week, on and off cramping, feel bloated, urinating all the time, tender nipples, tired a lot and I just plain don't feel like myself. I took a pregnancy test on July 13th, when I was a day late and it was neg. Don't see how I could be pregnant with everything that has occurred, but don't see how I am having all these symptoms either. My husband and I have been trying for a year, so this is so touchy to me. Can anyone offer advice??


L - July 31

it sound like implantation bleeding take another test and let us know. good luck


anon - July 31

yeah it does sound like implantation bleeding. you should be far enough now for a pregnancy test to detect that you are pregnant. it sounds promising to me. as soon as you take another test let us know the results x x x


bev - July 31

I was also woundering long do u have to wait after implantation bleeding to test?//


Bert - July 31

I had all the symptoms of getting my period - even bled a little. My daughter is now 7. Take another test. GOOD LUCK!


JenHern - July 31

Thanks to everyone who has offered their advice and thoughts I appreciate it. I will take another test soon, just afraid it will be neg. again, and then I will really wonder what is wrong with me. I need to do it soon though, cause if I am I need to be taking extra precautions at work. Thanks again, will let you all know.


JenHern - August 1

Well I took another test today, and of course it was neg. so now I just have to sit and wonder what is going on with me. Good luck everyone



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