Don T Want To Get Hopes Up

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Nell - January 8

Well my dh and I have been ttc for about 8 mths.... but my year after depo was up in Novemeber so I am kinda starting the count over. So it will be 3 mths this cycle. I have had mild cramping in low abdomen and my hips and low back. VERY tender br___ts all week and slight swelling... I calculate my af and ov dates on and it is usually one day earlier than I calculate which would be today but so far no af and I am very moist clear cm. I feel tender in my low abdomen. I hear af and early pg symptoms are very similar.... I just do not want to get my hopes up but I want to know the possibility.


Nell - January 8



Nell - January 9

So NORMALLY af starts in the early morning. Normally I will wake up all crampy and achy. So far nothing. Had slight cramping yesterday....and there is NO sign of af this morning. I still don't want to get my hopes up b___sts slighty tender mainly just to touch. SO hope for me guys!!!! I wonder if anyone will respond to this today hmmm...


jeanette - January 9

I know about not wanting to get your hopes up, we have been TTC for 8 months also and yes, pg symptoms are so similar to AF. Your symptoms do sound promising, though, I pray you get your bfp! Have you been temping? Usually if your temps stay high for 18 days or past your usual luteal phase length, its a good indicator that you are pg, with the correlation of your other symptoms....God bless and good luck!


d - January 9

the witch (af) is not due until the 17th for me. this is our 11 month ttc. yesterday i got lightheaded a few times and found that too me on. ------------------ Hi Nell trying going to: I am in the same boat with you. the waiting game is getting harder and harder for me. Baby Dust to all


Nell - January 10

Jeanette no I haven't been temping. I was due for af today and cros my fingers... so far no show..... b___st tenderness low back discomfort and a bit of discomfort in my abdomen. I do not want to look to much into anything b___today I was noticing everything smelled a lot stronger. no more cramps really just twinges kinda. d welcome I will check out that site for sure thank you!!!Jeanette good luck to you yourself... when is ur af due?


Nell - January 10

So af is officially late one day.... oh boy am I ga__ssy. I really want to test today but I do not really have time to stop at the store. I want to make myself wait. Was so exhausted last night I fell asleep on DH while we were watching a show I have been having weird kinda scary dreams... isn't that odd.


jeanette - January 10

Nell, had AF already, lasted a day and a half...which is frustrating too, lol, the witch likes to mess with me, I'm convinced. Hey Nell, come on over to the LAMBS thread and you can be crazy with a great group of women, we would love to encourage you...have you had af yet today? If you do possibly get AF, you should start charting your cycles. A good site to do this is, where alot of us chart. God bless, I sure hope you get your BFP!!!


Nell - January 10

No AF as of yet. Really ur af came and went already I am sorry sweetie.... Good luck next cycle!! Yeah ok I will check out Lambs.


Nell - January 11

i want this sooo bad!


Leslie - January 11

Nell, have you tested yet? I am dying to know if you get your bfp!


Nell - January 11

no I am still holding out until Friday! I think I am fearing a big disappointment but at the same time I KNOW I AM! I am filled with joy! I want this so much!



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