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HELP - May 8

i dont know if i am pregnant.. does this sound right to you....if i am pregey i would be around 3 weeks... i feel some symtoms but i stil havnt felt the " morning sickness" but i am alway sfeeling really sharp cramping from my lower back to my stomcah( under belly bottom and on the sdies of it too) ... do you think that i stll could b pregnant even tho i am not geting the morning sickness... i alays feel sick to my somcah, i burp but then it never comes out.... i can taste it tho... im just now sure... HELP


Grandpa Viv - May 8

Nausea, heartburn and burping are all early signs. If your period is a week late it is time to start testing. Fatigue and more peeing are other things to look for. Good luck!


help - May 8

my period i think nevde came... the day i was uspose to get it.. or mayb the exzaclt day or mayb a day before i thought ig ot it but it was very light and it was like spoting and it only lasted for a day n ahalf and then was gone n since then( april 27) i havent had no sign of blood


milika - May 9

Yes help, u should go get a pregnancy test. But wait until ur 5 weeks. The spotting was probably implantation bleeding since u havent had any more blood during that month. And feeling sick to your stomach is morning sickness. And it can occur anytime during the day.


help - May 9

yes i do always feel sick to my stomcah but for some resaon the throwup only stays at my throwt... usualy its in the night time wen il feel really sick, feel kinda hot, headachs, strong back and stomah achs and feel liek i have to thorwup but today... i have been soooooo tireddd feeling like im going to thorw up all day long..... today i am feeling ga__sy as well..... i am going to go to to the dr next wknd... i am going to ask for them to just look with the ultrasound just in case it doesnt come up with the pee test


connie - May 9

I don't know if I am pregnant either... Today is the day 28, I should havae my period today... the day before yesterday and the previous one I've noticed some spotting. I though that that meant my period is about to come... today and yesterday I have no signs of a period except for strong heartburn and changing mood. Should I start testing even if it is this early?


help - May 9

ACTUALY you can test around the frist or second day of your p__sed period... i would give it a couple more days.. just incase say your period is a little late... give it around mayb a week or so and if you haven tgotten it then that means you shoudl test... also... it is diff for all girls.. you might think that it is alright if you skped but if your pattern is not irregular and just becaue you dont have ne symtoms( just givng an expample) that doesnt mean that your out of the woods on being pregnant... hope i helped



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