Dont Know When To Test

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blondie - July 16

I have a question regarding HPT's, I am a little confussed since my cycle was mixed up last month af on 6/5 as per my normal 28 day cycle, then af came a week early on 6/27 first time I have been early in years, before this was always 28days. I used OPK's and bbt and believe I ovulated between the 7-9 of july. When would I be able to test? I am confussed since my af was a week early. My bbs feel alot fuller but no soreness, very tired all the time, lots of access CM. Any help would be great :)


Grandpa Viv - July 16

A home test has a good chance of telling the truth about 3 weeks after conception, in your case July 30th first a.m. pee. Fatigue and unusual discharge are good signs.You can try a week or ten days earlier if you believe the ad. on the package and have money to spare. First Response Early Result has good reviews for sensitivity. Good luck!


blondie - July 16

Thanks for the info :) Just wasnt sure as now with the way last cycle was am expecting af anywhere from 7/22 to 7/31.


blondie - July 16

I have also been using ff and hormonal forcaster, onn hf confirms ov on the 8th however ff says the 6th, I believe it was more around the 8/9 as tested with OPK, here is my ff chart: If anyone else has any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Nichole - July 17

I am in the same boat as you. Had my lmp 6/28 and am on 27day cycle. I looked up info on this website comparing hpt. I also used the ovluation calendar: and it said we should be able to get a result as soon as 7/21 if we use a test w/a lower detection of hcg (20mIU). I just bought a few dollar store tests and plan on testing for the first time tomarrow. I know it's early, but it's only a buck. I'm pretty sure I should be pregnant, but we'll have to wait and see. Good luck to you. Let me know!


Az - July 17

I would start testing on July 22. That may still be too early. I would avoid testing too early unless you don't mind getting negatives. Negatives make me depressed and I would rather wait a little longer than get them. Nichole, it is way too early for you to get a positive, you are only on cd19! It probably hasn't even implanted yet, let alone had enough time to build up enough hormone to be detected by a hpt. Remember also, that even under the most optimal circ_mstances, there is only about a 25% chance of getting pregnant. We have done everything right for months, thinking that I should be pregnant, and it still hasn't happened. Think positively, but try not to get your hopes up too much, because it is very disappointing when AF shows up. I wish you both luck and baby dust!


Nichole - July 18

I decided to wait on the hpt. I'm going to Vegas for the next 4 days. I should be able to test when I come home Thurs. Blondie-I'm anxious to see results from you too. Az- I realize it is too early to test, and I will be testing early still, but I won't be disapointed if I get a neg. I have 2 boys already and have also have had 2 mc. Although having my mc's have been difficult, at least I know not to psych myself up for a sucessful preg. It's not just a curious thing for me to see how early a hpt will work. Thanks for the insight!


Az - July 18

Good luck to you and lots of baby dust your way!


kelly - July 18

thanks for sending that info about the website ( I went on it and looks like hubby and I did the baby dance on thr right days. I am waiting for (no) af on July 22. It said a pg test may work today, but I don't want to get my hopes. I will at least try to wait until the weekend. baby dust to all


blondie - July 20

Well I tried another HPT this morning and BFN :( Guess this isnt my month :( Thought for sure it was even have enlarged bbs and a few blue veins, both of which I have never had before.


Binx - July 20

Exactly the same thing happened to me last month. Normally, I was a 26 day cycle, then last month I had a 23 day cycle, and a very strange heavy period. My AF was due last week, probably from the 12th to the 14th and it hasn't shown up yet. I have been testing about every other day, but I am only getting an extremely light positives, which I'm not convinced is a positive (maybe an evap line) because it hasn't been getting darker. Don't give up yet, blondie, because I have heard a lot of people say that they didn't get a BFP until they were 5 weeks pregnant, which would be August 1st for you and July 24th for me. If AF doesn't show by Friday, I am going to go see my doctor next week. Keep your chin up! You could still be pregnant!


blondie - July 20

well I am 12dpo so thought it would be BFP by now if I were. I used the clearblue digital so I cant even look at the lines cause they mean differnet things with this one, but for you faint lines sounds promising. Hang in there!!


KJ - July 20

hi im in thw same boat as you all, i had a "spotting" episode (i think) well it was v lighter and shorter than normal and was 4 days later then due AF, now hanging on to make sure \AF doesnt turn up on the 22nd then i might do test again!!!!! good luck to all


Nichole - July 20

I'm still in Vegas but found access to a computer at the Resort were we're staying. Just wanted to let everyone know I took a HPT this morning and. . . . two pink lines! I used the Answer pt since it has a low level of sensitivity to the hcg hormone. I'm thrilled, but still a little hesitant about telling family and friends yet because of my 2 m/c's. I'll wait until at least 12 weeks. Good luck to everyone, I'll keed you posted on how things are going. Baby dust +++++++++


Binx - July 21

Well girls, it's all over for me. Without any warning AF showed up last night. I'm really upset because I thought this was it for sure. Now I am really confused because my cycle is totally out of whack. For several months, my cycle was around 26 days. Last month my cycle was 23 days and now this month my cycle was 31 days. How am I supposed to predict ovulation with this??? Do you think I have some kind of hormonal problem? I'm still going to go and talk to my doctor on Friday and hopefully she will have some answers for me. I think my chances of conceiving next month are very slim because my DH is going away for a week and he leaves on cd11 :o( I really didn't think ttc would be this hard!


Nichole - September 21

Just thought I would let you ladies know I had my first dr. appointment yesterday. I measured larger than usual so they did an ultrasound. Two babies! Wow. I am still in shock. Hope all is going well with you.



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