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alright i am not sure if i am pregnant or not!!!.... since april 16th i have been having s_x... unprotected and protected... i know that he c_med in me ( all of it) once.... and i know that a couple more times he c_med in me just a little... for some reason i felt strange and would push him off of me... well... it is now may 6th and i am not sure where to lead if im pregnant or not... i got my, what i thougth was my period.. in the 20's but lasted for one day.... could i be pregnant? if i am, could i start feeling the symtoms now or no? PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!!!!!!


---------------- - May 7

your pregnant!


Erin - May 7

Of course pregnancy is always a possiblity if you are having unprotected s_x. That funny feeling you had was probably because you were worried about getting pregnant which may be why you pushed him off of you. If you are stressing about being pregnant, that can cause you preiod to be late, skipped, or be different than ususal. Everyone is different as to when they start feeling symptoms. Some people feel them after a week and some people don't feel any. I would take a test. If it is negative, wait a week and take another.


confused - May 7

yea... thank you all for your comments there really helping.... to erin... your right about the feeling, it was just insdie my bones you know a feeling that he was busting... what is odd is that the time that he busted( all of it) i couldnt feel anything( No extra warming no nuthing)) but then the other times that was in my head and i just had an instickt feeling to push him off..... the way my bleeding was i have NEVER in my life had that..... like i said lasted for about a day mayb a day in a half..... it was sort of like spoting....bleeds and then stops.... and then has brown discharge sort of mixed with blood and then would go away..... it was very hard for me to undersatnd what was going on with me and people where teling me that i shoud be careufl cuz im most ( fertiel) around the time that i was having s_x because of my perod coming up sooo just alolt of things where and stil is rushing th rew my head..... if i am pregnant i am going to be very excited( not really stresin on it too much jus twant to knowwwwwwwwwwwww ;) ) N if im not then that just means that this is not the right time... il keep it posted to see what hapnes, i have to go to the dr next week and i wil probably just ask them to take an ultrasound if my test comes up negitive becuase i am hearing alot of stories on the pee test being a bunch of sh***.... but i wil keep it posted! again to everyone that has coments on my story please write.... i would llove to read what you all have to say... thank you so much!~


hard to wait - May 7

d__n... as the days go by i stil am thinkking about it... d__n.... i jus twant to know ALREADYYYYYY i am very much havint the erge to just go walkng to the store and get a p test.. lol... but i really dont trust those tests.. id rather just wiat a couple weeks( next weekned) and see then... but d__n its hard to wait.... =(



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