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Jen - January 23

My husband and I have been ttc for 5-6 months. Last month I was late and we were scheduled for a blood test and an hour before going in I got AF. This month I am 22 dpo and extremely tired. I have felt a bit queasy. I have had a little cramping and a headache. It all feels like AF is coming, but it hasn't. We have not taken an hpt because of what happened last month and the disappointment we felt....should we break down and take one? Has anyone experienced a negative hpt, yet they were pregnant?


tiffani - January 23

I know how disappointing it can be to get a negative hpt. You are approx 8 days late (based on a 28 day cycle), so I would think now is a good time to test. If you want to be extra cautious, wait another week. There are many women who don't get a positive on a hpt until months into their pregnancy. I didn't get a positive on my last pregnancy until I was 3 weeks late, which was such a nice surprize since I was so disappointed with the negative ones prior to that. Make sure you give us an update. Fingers are crossed~ Good Luck!


Jen - January 23

Thanks Tiffani, I have been waiting all morning for someone to respond. I was talking to my mom recently about pregnancy and she said it took her 3 months before her urine test was positive for my sister. So, I am follow in her steps....when you were 3 weeks late, did you have a blood test at all to see if you were pregnant?


tiffani - January 23

Wow, 3 months to get a positive???Since we were actively ttc, I started testing way too early (a few days before I even missed my period). I took 3 tests~ before my period was due, a couple days after it was due, and not again until I was 3 weeks late. This first 2 were negative, the final was positive. I have always believed what the hpt test told me and just considered a blood test to be a formality. So when I got my positive result, I immediately called my OB and made an appt. At my appt. they did a urine test and a blood test. Of course they were both positive. It seems like everyone has different experiences with hpt's and blood tests. I've read on this site so many variations. Your signs are encouraging and your hesitation is understandable. I am not a patient person when it comes to waiting to take a hpt as you can see, so i'm always in favor of testing as soon as you suspect you might be pregnant. Also, I will add that I got a positive BEFORE I missed my period when I was pregnant with my daughter, and the positive later with my son. Keep me posted. :o)


tiffani - January 24

Jen~ Just checking on you.


kim - January 24

I'm on the same cycle w/ similiar symptoms and same amount of negative tests. I am testing again Wednesday morning. Keeping my fingers crossed...good luck!!


Jen - January 26

I still do not have my period! I went for a blood test yesterday and just waiting for the results. We have our fingers crossed....We are starting to get excited...I hope it will not be a let down. Thanks for checking in...Good Luck Kim


tiffani - January 26

Jen~ I've been waiting to hear an update. Sounds so promising. How long until the blood test results are in? Have you taken an hpt lately??? ************Baby Dust********** :o)


Susan - January 26

Jen, Good Luck!! We've been ttc for 6 months too and I'm trying not to get too excited because I'm late, only one day but I'm never late. Sounds good for you, let us know!!



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