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please help - January 28

i wrote in a couple of days ago about the blood tests and urine tests being neg. but my stomache is hard and below my stomache is hard but dr. told me not preggo, i have every sign under the sun including my stomache getting bigger and the veins in my br___ts are really dark, my nipples are darker and getting bigger, i swear i can feel like a stretching feeling in my stomache. the lady from planned parenthood called and said that i ranked a 3 on the blood test which mean i might have had a miscarriage during my last period and didnt even know it. today i went and had a pelvic exam and the did a urine test and she told me that i had a high white blood cell count. but she was h__l bent on insisting i get an ultra sound and while feeling told me i wasnt pregnant but she didnt know it might be too early. if she didnt know then why do i need an ultrasound??? my mother-in-law told me that often a high white blood cell count can mean you are pregnant,she absolutely is convinced no matter what the dr.'s say that i am pregnant. does it sound like i could be? i feel like i am. and after all who should know my body better than me right.


Grandpa Viv - January 28

A 3 on a quant_tative blood test is really marginal. They look for 25 for a sure positive. The level doubles every few days if you are pregnant, and ends up over 100,000. If you are pregnant and the hCG levels are not rising, there may be good reason for recommending an ultrasound. You are under professional care and are not likely to get better advice from a layman forum or your mother-in-law. Good luck!


Cutie - January 28

I think its a great idea you are getting an ultra sound! I would like one for my self :) anyway, those tests may not even show at all for about 3 month (have been told by doctors) Good luck, keep me posted, 'cause I have similar situation



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